Vibratory Pile Driver for Excavator

YG Vibratory pile driver for excavator can be installed on various types of excavators above 20 tons. This pile driver is suitable for driving 6-15m steel sheet piles, 4-9m cement piles. The excavator piling machine is used for piling for solar photovoltaic power generation, river embankment, railway foundation pit support, Elevated foundation pit support or bridge pier foundation pit support, and other projects.

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Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammer

The I-beam pile driver is installed on various excavators of 20-65 tons (Hitachi, Komatsu, Shengang, Sumitomo, Carter, Daewoo, Hyundai, Sumitomo, Kato, etc.), suitable for driving 6-18m steel sheet piles, Larsen pile, U-shaped steel, I-beam, steel pipe pile; 4-9m photovoltaic cement pile, cement square pile, wood pile, etc.

Technical Parameters

Vibration Frequency2500rpm2500rpm2800rpm3200rpm3200rpm3200rpm3200rpm
Operation Pressure30 Mpa32 Mpa32 Mpa32 Mpa32 Mpa32 Mpa32 Mpa
Centrifugal Force117kn172kn265kn335kn350kn372kn455kn
Max.Pile Length6m8m10m12m12m12m15m
Arm weight160kg260kg500kg500kg670kg670kg750kg
Hammer weight850 kg110017001900210023002600

YG I-beam Vibratory Pile Driver uses vibratory pile sinking to drive and pull piles, especially suitable for short and medium pile projects such as municipal, bridges, cofferdams, building foundations, etc., as well as river embankment, railway foundation pit support, and elevated foundation pit support. Or bridge pier foundation pit support and other projects.

Vibratory pile driver for excavator – Working principle

Vibratory pile driver for excavator

The I-beam pile driver uses its high-frequency vibration to vibrate the pile body at a high speed. It transmits the vertical vibration generated by the machine to the pile body, causing the soil structure around the pile to change due to vibration and reduce its strength. The soil around the pile body is liquefied to reduce the frictional resistance between the pile side and the soil body. Then the pile is sunk into the soil with the downward pressure of the excavator, the I-beam Vibratory pile driver for the excavator, and the self-weight of the pile body.

When pulling out piles, under the condition of one side vibrating, use the lifting force of the excavator to pull up the piles. The exciting force required by the Vibro pile hammer should be comprehensively determined according to the soil layer, soil quality, water content of the site, and the type and structure of the pile.

Features of YG I-beam Vibratory Pile Driver

Super features of YG I-beam Excavator Mounted Pile Hammer:

Simple and flexible operation

  1. The operation of the pile driver is completed by one operator of the excavator, which is easy to learn.
  2. With good mobility, it can be towed together with the excavator when transferring to the construction site without disassembly.
  3. Unrestricted by terrain and obstacles, it can enter narrow areas or conveniently and quickly cross-area construction.
  4. The same set of equipment is used for piling and pile pulling, and the piling and pile pulling can be switched quickly and easy to operate.

Stable performance and precise design

  1. Different fixture jaws can be replaced to meet the construction needs of various steel sheet piles, I-beams, Larsen piles, U-shaped steels, cement piles, and wooden piles.
  2. The unique oil circuit and circuit control system design make various operations such as pile clamping, pile driving, rotation, and pile pulling flexible and free, and at the same time ensure that the performance of the excavator will not be affected.
  3. The double-guaranteed clamping nozzle oil cylinder firmly locks the system pressure, ensuring the stability and reliability of clamping sheet piles.

Solid structure and fine workmanship

  1. The fuselage and auxiliary arm are all made of manganese steel, which is strong and durable.
  2. Imported high-performance shock-absorbing rubber block, stable quality, and long life.
  3. The special tooth block design and material surface heat treatment effectively increase the bite force.

High efficiency and cost saving

  1. The staff, at most two, effectively reduces the construction personnel.
  2. The absence of a generator saves fuel, transportation, and maintenance costs.
  3. After installing the machine, it is convenient and quick to replace the breaker, hydraulic shear, compaction machine, etc., so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes and save costs.

Construction is quiet, environmentally friendly and hygienic

The construction period is short, the noise is low, and the residents are not disturbed.

Working Video

What is the Pile driver for excavator Price?

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