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Excavator is a common vehicle for the construction site. It plays an important role in infrastructure. In addition to common buckets, many manufacturers have produced excavator attachments to enhance the ability of excavators. Here are some common types of excavator attachments for sale.

Popular types of Excavator attachments for sale

The types of excavator attachments or auxiliary tools are relatively complete. There are about 20 kinds to deal with various complex working conditions. Work efficiency can be greatly improved.

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Hydraulic shears for excavator

It is used for resource metal processing, scrap steel recycling and disposal, dismantling of scrap cars, dismantling of steel structure facilities, etc. 360-degree hydraulic rotation can improve the working capacity. The complex structure with huge shearing force. This equipment can shear and dismantle the steel structure of the H-steel 1-beam structure at one time. Contact us to get a free quote.


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Model SH50R SH100R SH130R SH180R SH310R SH410R
Arm mounted model 6-9T 10-12T 13-17T 18-27T 28-39T 39-50T
Boom Mounted Model 4-6T 7-10T 8-12T 14-18T 20-28T 28-39T
Compressor 35Mpa
Length 2000mm 2200mm 2300mm 2900mm 3500mm 3900mm
Weight 650KG 1100KG 1220KG 2100KG 3300KG 4700KG
Opening 290mm 375mm 375mm 445mm 565mm 670mm
Depth 290mm 395mm 395mm 525mm 630m 720mm
Front crushing force 46T 60T 60T 85T 135T 172T
Central crushing force 115KN 150KN 150KN 221KN 351KN 464KN


hydraulic shears for excavator
hydraulic shears for excavator

Excavator breaker

Hydraulic breaker or hydraulic hammer is mainly used for mining ore and demolition concrete. The brackets of various breakers are also different, which are specifically divided into tope type, side type, and box type. So in the face of various brackets, the owner first needs to study what kind of brackets your excavator needs to fit.

A 6t excavator is generally equipped with a breaker with a drill rod diameter of 68mm.  If you are an excavator equipment owner and want to equip a breaker, it is recommended to consider the service life of the excavator. YG Hydraulic Breakers will not cause the failure of the hydraulic system of the excavator.

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hydraulic excavator breaker
hydraulic excavator breaker


Excavator grapple / Excavator thumb

The wood grabber or the wood clamper is mainly used for grabbing wood and bamboo. We can divide the excavator grapple into a hydraulic wood grabber and a mechanical wood grabber. And the hydraulic wood grabber is divided into a hydraulic rotary wood grabber and a fixed wood grabber. After the redesign and modification of the claws, you can use the wood grabber for grabbing stones and scrap steel. Besides, the loading and unloading truck is very fast and convenient.

  • 360 degree rotating;
  • Suitable for 4-9t or 12-20t excavators;
  • Advantages: saving labor force, driven by full hydraulic pressure.


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excavator grapple | rotating wood grapple
excavator grapple | rotating wood grapple

Besides these attachments, we offer also the Excavator pile driver, and more other excavator attachments for sale. If you need to buy one or some attachments for your excavator, please leave your requirements here. We will reply to you as soon as possible.