Baby Diaper Making Machine

Summary: How is made the baby diaper? This article will show you all about the full servo baby diaper production line.

Disposable Diapers are among the most important baby accessories. And children of different ages need diapers in different sizes. In general, a baby will use 42-63 diapers per week. So it is a great opportunity to start a diaper business. First of all, you need a semi servo or full servo baby diaper making machine. Here, you will find an efficient machine – A Full Servo Pull Up Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine. It can manufacture kinds of diaper shapes with different raw materials. Read on!

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Presentation of Full Servo Baby Diaper Making Machine

YG Machinery is one of the best baby diaper machine manufacturers. We produce disposable hygiene products, such as baby diaper making machines, adult diaper manufacturing machines.

YG Baby Diaper Production Line can make diapers of different sizes: mini, midi, maxi. No matter what size you want to produce, you can always use this diaper machine. Easy to operate with the PLC control system, and you can set the parameters with the touch screen. Overall, the baby diaper manufacturing machine is good at making high-quality diapers for each customer. With less wastage and consumption of electricity, YG Machinery Baby Diaper Production Machine gets the favor of many clients.

Main technical parameters of Baby Diaper Production Line

ModelI shape baby diaper production lineL shape baby diaper machine
Overall Size30*6*4m30*6*4m
Product size390×280 450×320  500×320  525×330380×280 420×320 480×320 520×340
Machine capacityabout 260KWabout 270KW
Power source380V, 50HZ380V, 50HZ
Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa0.6-0.8Mpa
Control systemPLC control system, Operating on the touch screen, Configure HDTV monitorPLC control system, Operating on the touch screen, Configure HDTV monitor
Drive systemThree-axis  or full servoFull servo drive, Semi-servo
Safety systemSafety protection unitSafety protection unit
PackingEquipped with the stacker at the request of the clientEquipped with the stacker at the request of the client

The baby diaper consists of:

  • cellulose
  • anhydrous crystals
  • cotton fabrics
  • bamboo/hemp
  • polyester/virgin wool
Diaper Production Line
Baby pull up diaper production line

Equipment functions and advantages of semi servo baby diaper machine

1. Full servo self-control system with high automation: the machine can be upgraded according to customers’ reasonable requirements.
2. Certifications: European CE standard design, CE certificate, CE or UL quality certifications.
3. Numerical control: Most of the spare parts are under numerical control with precise processing, the key mechanical parts are under CNC processing, the main outsourcing parts are the world-famous brands.
4. Control system: Easy to operate with the PLC control system, and the touch screen.
5. Monitoring system: With the camera monitoring system, you can perform online size checks, location inspection, missing inspection, spot scans, and so on.
6. Other optional functions can be chosen by customers’ requirements:

  • Full servo stacker (automatic bagger)
  • Automatic bagging sealer

Remark: The Baby Diaper Machine Production Line can be customized according to your requirements. No matter what material you use, this equipment can manufacture the diapers according to your customer’s requirements. For more information, you can contact us online or through WhatsApp at +8613598866720.



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