3 Rolls / 4 Rolls Plate Rolling Machine | Sheet bending machine

How to roll the steel plate? The plate bending machine is a kind of equipment that uses work rolls to bend and form sheet materials. It can form workpieces of different shapes such as cylindrical parts and conical parts. It is an important general processing equipment. The plate rolling machine is based on the principle of three points forming a circle, using the relative position change and rotational movement of the workpiece to produce continuous plastic deformation of the plate to obtain a workpiece with a predetermined shape. Contact us to get a free quote.

4 roll plate rolling machine
4 roll plate rolling machine

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4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine

This one is a hot sale model. The max thickness of the steel plate to roll is 30cm. It is mainly used for the pre-bending and rolling of cylinders in the manufacture of pressure vessels, machinery, hydropower, construction, and other industries. Need the rolling machine price? Please click the button below.

Technical Parameters

ModelMax bending thicknessRoller working lengthMotor powerSheet yield strength
plate roller
plate roller

Feature of plate rolling machine

  1. It can realize the vertical movement of the upper roller.
  2. Its power comes from the transmission of the hydraulic system (the movement of the piston in the hydraulic cylinder).
  3. Through the meshing of the output gear of the reducer, the equipment can form and roll the plate smoothly.
  4. There is an idler roller in place of the lower roller. Adjust easily and conveniently.
metal plate bending machine
metal plate bending machine

3 Roll Hydro-Mechanical Plate Rolling Machine

This 3 Roll Hydraulic Steel plate bending machine is a CNC control sheet metal bending machine. The machine can roll the steel plate of 1-80mm with a width of less than 8000mm. The end bearings of the work rolls are all rolling bearings to improve the working efficiency of the machine.

sheet metal bending machine
sheet metal bending machine

What are the classifications of rolling machines?

Due to the different fields of use, the types of plate bending machines are also different. According to the number of rolls, it is divided into three rolls plate roller and four rolls plate roller.

The 3 rolls plate roller is divided into a symmetrical three-roller plate bending machine, a horizontal downward three-bar plate bending machine, an arc downward spiral plate bending machine, an upper roll universal plate bending machine, and a hydraulic CNC plate bending machine.

From the transmission, it is divided into mechanical plate bending machines and hydraulic plate bending machines. Mechanical three-roll plate rolling machine is further divided into three-roll mechanical symmetrical plate rolling machine and three-roll mechanical asymmetric plate rolling machine.

How to operate 3 roll plate rolling machine safely?

Before work

Before starting the three-roller rolling machine, check whether there is any abnormality in all parts of the equipment, the fastening screws (caps) must not be loose, and the braking power should be normal and reliable.

Check the lubrication of the transmission parts of the plate bending machine, check whether the oil pump is working properly at the hydraulic station, whether there is leakage in the valve and pipeline, and the pressure should meet the requirements.

During work

Only after the workpiece is placed stably and in the right position can it be started and operated, and the signal should be clear, and a person should be designated to command.

When the workpiece is still being rolled in the upper and lower work rolls, the overturning beam shall not be opened. Only when the lower roller stops rotating and the workpiece descends and leaves the upper roller, can the overturning beam be opened and the workpiece be taken out.

Judge the working conditions of each valve according to the sound, and adjust the pulse cycle according to the pressure difference.

During the operation of the equipment, you should never place your hands on the rolled steel plate, and it is not allowed to use a sample ruler for inspection.

When rolling a workpiece that is not full-circle, a certain margin should be reserved when rolling to the end of the steel plate to prevent the workpiece from falling and hurting people. When rolling a conical workpiece, the small round end of the workpiece should be placed inside side; when rolling a narrow cylinder, it should be rolled in the middle of the roll.

The steel plate and the upper and lower rolls are not allowed to slip.

When rolling a thick cylinder with a large diameter or a workpiece with a high material strength, the moving roll should be lowered a little and rolled several times.

After the sheet material is placed and the machine tool is running, it is strictly forbidden to stand in the direction of feeding and discharging, and the adjusting roller must be stopped.

During the work, once you hear that the machine tool has abnormal noise in operation, you should stop the machine immediately for inspection, adjustment and repair.

After work

  1. After the daily plate rolling work, cut off the power supply of the three-roll plate rolling machine equipment in time, and clean and organize the equipment and surrounding work sites to keep them clean.
  2. After the machine is stopped, place the rolled workpiece in the designated place.

At the end

The plate bending machine is a kind of equipment that uses work rolls to bend the sheet metal. There is 2 rolls plate rolling machines, 3 rolls sheet bending machines, and 4 4olls metal bending machines. It can process oval parts, arc parts, cylindrical parts, and other parts. Contact us to get a free quote. If you are looking for a metal folding machine, please contact us with your requirements. All our rolling machines can be customized according to customer needs. WhatsApp/WeChat +8613598866720.