Mobile Concrete Batch Plant for sale in the Philippines

The construction industry is booming in the Philippines nowadays. So there is a big demand for concrete. Jam, the contractor from the Phillipines, wanted to buy a mobile concrete batch plant for sale to produce concrete for foundations, slabs, walls, and other structural elements. He left his requirements on our website and our sales manager immediately contacted him for offering services.

After initial communication, we recommended our YHZS 50 Portable Concrete Batch Plant.

mobile concrete batch plant for sale
  • Fast to move and install.
  • Production capacity: 50m³/h

Jam said, this was what I wanted. And also, we are conducting year-end promotions on December. So we make special offers available for our clients. Of course, Jam was happy to hear that and he places the order the next day. He is very satisfaied with the performance of this mobile mixing plant.

If you are also looking for a mobile concrete plant for sale, please check below the YHZS50 mobile batching plant that Jam purchased.

YHZS50 Mobile Batching Plant for Sale

YHZS50 mobile concrete mixing station is a new type of concrete mixing equipment that can be supported and moved. A hanging unit integrates aggregation, weighing, conveying, mixing and other operations into one unit, and the overall mobility is stable. It is an ideal model for mobile construction of highways, bridges, ports, hydropower and other projects.

mobile batching plant

Technical Parameters

Theoretical productivity50m³/h
Mixing hostJS1000
batching machinePLD1600
Belt conveyor conveying capacity400t/h
Towing speed15km/h
Wheel base (outside)3400mm
Turning radius15mm
Total power60kW
Discharging height4m

Application areas

It is very fast to move and install. It is suitable for construction situations with short construction periods, long construction lines, frequent site transitions, and projects with multiple points and long lines.

Components of a Mobile Concrete Batch Plant for sale:

  • Aggregate Bins: These store various sizes of crushed stone, sand, and other aggregates used in concrete mix.
  • Cement Silo: Stores bulk cement, a key ingredient in concrete production.
  • Batcher: Measures and dispenses precise amounts of aggregates and cement into the mixer.
  • Mixer: Thoroughly combines the ingredients to create a homogeneous concrete mix.
  • Conveyor Belts: Transport aggregates and cement from their respective storage units to the batcher and mixer.
  • Control System: Monitors and manages all plant operations, ensuring accurate batching and efficient production.

Features of mobile concrete batch plant for sale

  • Its structure is novel and unique, compact and simple.
  • The weighing is accurate and reliable.
  • The mixing is uniform and efficient, the transportation is fast and clean
  • Easy to operate and relocate, and the hanging is safe and reliable.
  • The number and capacity of powder tanks can be selected according to user needs.


yhzs35 mobile concrete batch plant for sale

YHZS35 Mobile Batch Plant

YHZS 75 mobile concrete batch plant for sale

YHZS75 Mobile Batch Plant

YHZS100 Mobile Batch Plant

YHZS100 Mobile Batch Plant

concrete mixer pump

Concrete Mixer Pump

self loaded concrete mixer truck

self loaded concrete mixer truck

Concrete Pump


Using the YHZS75 mobile concrete mixing plant can greatly shorten the installation time. Except for external equipment such as screw conveyors and powder tanks, all wiring of the mixing station does not need to be removed. With a 30-ton crane, you can completed the removal and shifting in one day. During installation, the main part does not require a foundation, just a flat and solid cement floor.

YHZS50 Mobile Mixing Plant Investment Profit

The theoretical productivity of the YHZS50 mobile mixing station is 50m³/h.

The actual productivity is about 35m³/h.

Calculated based on working 8 hours a day and 300 days a year, the annual concrete output is about 84,000 cubic meters.

The concrete production in each region The price range is approximately 48 USD per square meter, and the profit can be approximately 4.032 million dollars per year.

For detailed investment plans, please consult YG Machinery Investment Consultant.

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In conclusion

The concrete batching plants are essentially mixing stations that precisely combine various ingredients like cement, water, sand, and gravel to produce fresh, high-quality concrete. They offer a multitude of benefits that make them an invaluable tool for the construction industry. Their precise mixing, efficiency, cost-savings, safety features, and versatility make them the go-to solution for producing high-quality concrete that meets diverse project requirements.

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