Thread Rolling Machine

Steel bar straight thread rolling machine is mainly used for rolling straight thread heads of ribbed steel bars in construction engineering. In this article, you will know the hydraulic fully automatic thread rolling machine features, techniques parameters, and how to operate the machine.

  • Processing diameter range:Φ16-Φ40mm
  • Maximum thread length:80m-100m
  • Spindle speed:40- 60r/min
  • Main motor power:3 – 4KW
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thread rolling machines

Steel bar straight thread roller machine

Fully automatic thread rolling machine is a useful steel bar processing machine used in the construction industry. If you need to process HRB335 and HRB400 ribbed steel bars with a diameter of 14-40mm, you can choose this machine with high efficiency.

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Steel Bar Thread Rolling Machine



Power supply

Three-phase four-wire

Power frequency


Spindle speed


 Processing diameter range


Maximum thread length


Main motor power


Machine weight




The machine includes serval parts: electrical system, rolling head, cooling system, frame, clamping mechanism, feeding cart, reducer, automatic opening and closing mechanism, control system, etc.

thread rolling machine

The thread roller connection technology is suitable for industrial and civil buildings. It has a simple and fast process, no open flame operation, no environmental pollution, no explosion and fire hazards, safe and reliable, and can be constructed around the clock, saving a lot of steel and energy. Only a wrench is used to connect the steel bars, and each steel bar joint is about one minute, which shortens the construction period of the structure and realizes the industrialized and civilized construction.

thread rolling machine for steel bar

YG Machinery Steel Bar straight thread rolling machine uses the PLC control system with a touch screen, so that you can control the machine easily. The work speed of the nose adopts the segment control, which makes the machine efficient and appreciated by many steel bar manufacturers and suppliers.


  1. Economic, low investment for the equipment.
  2. High precision, high processing efficiency, stability, durability.
  3. Easy to operate with compact structure.
  4. Adopts cold thread rolling technology. The strength of Rolled Thread is much higher than the parent metal.
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Next, let us introduce the operating steps of the steel bar straight thread rolling machine.

IF you don’t know how to operate the steel bar straight thread rolling machine, you can read on to learn more.

Actually, it is easy to operate.

Step 1. Connect the power and verify if the machine can work normally.

Step 2. According to the diameter of the steel bar, choose and change the rolling wheel.

Step 3. Install the threaded roller and eccentric sleeve.

Step 4. If the thread rolling machine wheel is compatible with the type of steel bar to be processed, put the steel bar into the wheel and rotate adjustment worm to make the thread rolling wheel contact the tool bar bundle, and then pull the tool bar out. You can get a steel bar processed.

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