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Summary: How to choose Hydraulic excavators? Crawler type or wheel type? 10 Ton or 30 ton? Read this guide. Check our YG 30 ton excavator for sale.

Excavator is also named Hydraulic excavator, boom excavator, or power shovel. Two types:  wheeled excavator for sale and crawler shovel excavator. There is a rotatable turntable that can connect the operator platform, engine, hydraulic system, and boom. The boom can imitate human acts and use different tools. The common type is used for digging the ground. You can check here all the Excavator attachments here.

An excavator is a necessary machine for the construction site or earthworks, meanwhile, it is suitable for handling of bulk materials, demolition, mining, quarrying, and forestry. Are you looking for an excavator for your forthcoming contracted projects? Please contact us to get a quote.

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YG 30 Ton Excavator For Sale | Crawler Type

We provide 5-ton, 8-ton, and 10-ton mini excavators for sale, 20-ton excavators, 25-ton excavators, 30-ton excavators, 50-ton excavators, and 100-ton excavators. It can be equipped with many attachments, so it can use as rock breakers, pliers, grapples, handling forks, demolition tools, etc.

30 ton excavator
30 ton excavator

30 ton excavator for sale
30 ton excavator for sale

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Technical Parameters

Main parts brands: Main pump Kawasaki k5v180 (Japan)
Rotary part Korean Eaton motor + Doosan original reducer
Main valve KYB / Japanese
Walking motor Star / Korean
Basic Technical Data Operating Weight 33100kg
Standard Capacity 1.6m³
Slewing Speed 10.3r/min
Traveling Speed(high/low) 5.5/3.3km/h
Max. Drawbar Pull 283kN
Digging Force of Bucket 207kN
Digging Force of StickkN 175kN
Engine Engine Manufacturer ISUZU
Engine Model 6HK1
Rated Power 190.5/2000kW/rpm
Displacement 7.79L
Emission Standard EU Stage II
Dimensions Length 11335mm
Width 3190mm
Height 3535mm
Tail Slewing Radius 3522mm
Track Gauge 2590mm
Length of Track On Ground 3930mm
Operating Range Max. Digging Radius 10865mm
Max. Digging Reach 10680mm
Digging Depth Max. 7140mm
Max. Digging Height 9875mm
Max. Dumping Height 6845mm
Oil volume Fuel tank 460L
Hydraulic tank 295L
engine oil replacement 42L
Coolant 42L


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30Ton Excavator For Sale Features

  1. This Excavator can rotate 360 degrees infinitely.
  2. One bucket digs 1.6 cubic meters.
  3. Equipped with a steel crawler chassis, this crawler excavator can carry a larger load.
  4. Advantages: strong off-road ability, strong passing ability, strong load-bearing capacity, strong climbing ability, good stability, and durability.
  5. Disadvantages: relatively bulky, difficult to control, slow walking speed, high fuel consumption, fast wear of parts, and great damage to the ground surface.
  6. Applicable working conditions: soft and wet ground, such as mud, mud, swamp.
YG construction machinery. Excavator
YG construction machinery. Excavator

How to choose the excavator suitable?

As we have presented from the beginning, there are two types of excavators. Wheel excavator and crawler excavator? Which one is more suitable for you? How to choose the model? Below is a guide when you are considering buying excavators.

If you must use your excavator on uneven or soft ground, you can choose a crawler excavator.

Rubber-tired excavators travel at significantly higher speeds, around 35 km/h, making them more suitable for uses where the excavator must be mobile.

The main selection criteria for an excavator are its size and power. The size is relative to the working weight. For example. we need a 10 ton excavator. A variety of sizes are available: from the smallest models of less than 1 ton to surface mining excavators of more than 100 tons. Choose the size according to your needs. The small one can not satisfy your requirements. But the big one is too expensive.

Another important factor is power. It provides power for the hydraulic system. Most excavators have a diesel engine. So you should think about pollution. Excavators must comply with the current anti-pollution standards of the country in which they are used, such as the classification system in the United States and the emission standards in Europe.

Once you have determined the main characteristics of the desired excavator, you can also choose an excavator based on criteria such as ergonomics of the driving position, comfort, work aids, or noise level.

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New Trends

Although the diesel-powered excavator is still a good choice for most construction sites, you can find out newly designed hybrid excavators and battery-powered 100% electric excavator models. In the future, battery-powered 100% electric excavators must dominate the market. Reason: Without a diesel engine, these excavators operate with extremely low noise and no emissions at all, making them ideal for urban construction sites.