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The spray plaster machine for sale is suitable for indoor and outdoor wall spraying, cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting and waterproof surface spraying, fireproof spraying, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, paint spraying, garden spraying, relief effect paint spraying, sound-absorbing material spraying, waterproof plugging, waterproof leak repair, It is light and convenient for construction on bridges, dams, hillsides, basements, tunnels, houses and factories.

YG311 Multifunctional Wall Plastering Spray Machine

Capacity: 2-3m³/h
Working pressure: 3-6MPa
Ccement: Sand: 1:3
Voltage: 380V / 220V
Motor power: 4kw
Air pump power: 2kw
Spraying area: 150m2/h
Maximum aggregate diameter: ≤3mm

311 multifunctional cement sprayer

YG318 Spray Plaster Machine for Sale

Production capacity3m³/h
Working pressure3MPa
Applicable materials ratio(water:ash:sand):0.7—1:1:3
Motor power7.5kw
Transport distanceLevel:60m,vertical:40m
Hopper volume80L
Displacement of air compressor0.3m³/min
Maximum aggregate diameter≤12mm
Inner diameter of feeding pipe32mm
Total Weight300kg

YG511 Diesel type Mortar Spraying Machine

Delivery flow3-4m³/h
Maximum pressure3MPa
Applicable material ratio(water, ash, sand) 0.7—1:1:3
Pass particle size≤8mm
Conveying distancehorizontal 50-60m vertical 30-40m
Hopper volume80L
Air compressor displacement0.3m³/min
Delivery pipe inner diameter32mm
Machine weight320kg
diesel spray plaster machine price

YG612 Automatic Spray Plaster Machine with Mixer

Production capacity3m³/h
Working pressure6MPa
Applicable materials ratio(water:ash:sand):0.7—1:1:3
Motor power+mixer power4kw+4kw
Transport distanceLevel:60m,vertical:40m
Hopper volume100L
Displacement of air compressor0.4m³/min
Maximum aggregate diameter≤8mm
Inner diameter of feeding pipe32mm
Total Weight400kg

What kind of materials can be used with plaster pump machine?

Mortar spraying machine is suitable for spraying kinds of materials. Such as putty powder, paint, latex paint, real stone paint, cement mortar, dry powder mortar, thermal insulation mortar, waterproof material, fireproof material, heat insulation material, sound-absorbing material, and other water-soluble materials.

Please note that the sprayer cannot spray dry material, only wet spray. The machine cannot spray concrete.

plaster pump machine


  1. Adjust the flow rate to get the best spraying effect.
  2. In addition to being able to switch on the electric control box, it is also equipped with a remote control switch for spraying.
  3. The connection between the spray gun and the feeding pipe can be rotated for easy operation.
  4. High construction efficiency and good quality.
  5. Small size, easy to carry on site, and the cost of accessories is low, and the maintenance is simple.
  6. It is easy to use, fast, saves materials, saves labor, and saves money. One machine is only equipped with three people, 150 square meters per hour (thickness 2cm).
  7. Material ratio (cement) 0.7:3 mortar.
airless spray plaster machine working on site


  • The fast mortar spraying machine has a reasonable design, integrated pump and compressor, and is easy to move.
  • The screw mortar spraying machine feeds continuously without a pulse phenomenon
  • The mortar spraying machine has wide practicability and can spray ordinary mortar
  • This cement plaster spray machine sprays uniformly and has strong adhesion
  • Multifunction: spraying and grouting.
  • The spray gun and nozzle can be connected in any direction for easy operation.

Customer Feedback

This mortar machine is very good, it has high working efficiency, saves time, and the spraying effect is also good. I really bought it.

Mukund Prasad purchased YG511 (380v)

The spraying machine is of good quality, easy to operate and sprays evenly. Nice!

Maria Cristina purchased YG311 (380v)

This sprayer is really easy to use, it saves time, labor, and it can also be moved to work, which is very convenient!!

Bill purchased YG311 (220v)

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