Hydraulic pile driver for sale in Philippines | Working case

Summary: This Thursday, we received an order from a Philippine customer for one hydraulic pile hammer. So this article, we will introduce the working case and the pile driver for sale here. 

In Europe in the 1970s, with the development of urban modernization and the gradual improvement of environmental protection regulations, diesel piling hammers, which were once the main force in the piling market, were gradually banned due to the problems that their own structures could not solve, namely noise, vibration and oil fume pollution.

Moreover, due to the limitation of thermal volume and efficiency, theoretically, the impact core mass of the largest diesel hammer can only reach 15 tons, which cannot meet the construction requirements of large prefabricated piles. In order to seek an upgraded alternative to diesel piling hammers, all countries are researching new piling equipment and construction techniques. Hydraulic piling hammers are developed under this situation.

In this article, we will talk about the hydraulic pile hammer. Contact us to get the sheet pile driver price.

Hydraulic piling hammers for sale in the Philippines

This Thursday, We received an order from a Philippine customer for one hydraulic piling driver. He needs this hammer for his piledriver construction project. What is a pile driver? A pile driver is a construction machine that uses impact force to drive piles into the ground. Usually, a pile driver consists of a pile hammer/pillar frame and ancillary equipment. In order to improve construction efficiency, there are more and more types of pile drivers.

YG 15m Pile Driver For Sale Parameters

ModelYG 15m piler driver
Vehicle mass8000kg
Wheel baseFront 1400mm, After 1060mm
Drilling depth15m
Drilling diameter600-1600mm
Rotation angle180 degree
Walking speed50km/h
Gear pump modelCBJT2080
Hydraulic system working pressure20-25mpa
Hydraulic system displacement80ml/r
Engine model4108
Engine power88kw
hydraulic pile hammer
hydraulic pile driver

Hydraulic Pile Driver Types

According to its structure and working principle, it can be divided into two types: single-acting and double-acting. The so-called single-acting type means that the impact hammer core is lifted to a predetermined height by a hydraulic device and then released quickly, and the impact hammer core hits the pile body in a free fall; double-acting type means that the impact hammer core is lifted to a predetermined height by a hydraulic device.

The system obtains acceleration energy to increase the impact velocity and strike the pile. This also corresponds to two pile driving theories. The single-acting hydraulic pile hammer corresponds to the heavy hammer light driving theory, which is characterized by a larger hammer core weight, a lower impact speed, and a longer hammer action time. Large penetration, suitable for pile types of various shapes and materials, low pile damage rate, especially suitable for concrete pipe piles. The double-acting hydraulic pile hammer corresponds to the theory of light hammer and heavy hammer. It is characterized by small hammer core weight, high impact speed, short hammer pile action time, and large impact energy, and is most suitable for steel pile driving.

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Rotary Crawler Drilling Rig Machine | 15m Hydraulic Pile Hammer

Hydraulic pile hammer composition

The hydraulic pile driver is mainly composed of the following parts: hammerhead, pile frame, hammer head lifting cylinder, etc. The hammer head is installed in the vertical guide rail of the pile frame, which can ensure sufficient power.

Working Principe

When working, the hydraulic valve is controlled to control the entry and exit of the oil circuit, so that the lifting cylinder pulls the hammer head to a predetermined height, and then controls the hydraulic valve to cut off the oil inlet, and at the same time opens the main return oil circuit of the lifting cylinder, so that the hammer head falls freely, thereby Completion of piling work

The hydraulic pile hammer is lifted by the hydraulic oil pressure. It can adjust the hydraulic pressure according to the soil quality, so as to achieve the appropriate impact force. Therefore, it is also more and more used in the industry and will become the mainstream of the future pile driver industry.

Other machines

Besides the pile hammer, YG Machinery provides also the water well drilling rigs, core drilling rigs, concrete pile breaker,s and other paper machinery. Whether you need to buy the machine for your business project, please contact us to get the latest price.

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