Small 35m³/h Concrete batching plant

Concrete batching plants, are large batching plants used more? Actually not. Nowadays, urbanization construction is developing rapidly. In the process of urbanization construction, there will be the construction of buildings, roads, water, electricity, and water conservancy facilities. These require concrete batching plants. However, compared with large-scale projects, urban construction requires small batching plants. Therefore, small batching plants are more popular with customers.

Generally speaking, small batching plants include HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant, HZS35 Stationary Concrete Batching Station, HZS50 Concrete Mixing Plant, HZS75 Concrete batch plant, HZS60 Concrete Batch Mix Plant, etc.

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HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant for sale

The output of the small 35m³/h concrete batching plant is theoretically about 35 cubic meters of concrete per hour. It is mainly equipped with JS750 forced mixer, PLD1200 three-silo batching machine, two 60-ton cement silos, cement, water, and additive weighing systems, and two screw conveyors machine and control system.

35m³/h Concrete Mixing Plant Parameters

Theoretical Capacity35m³/h
Twin Shaft MixerJS750
Mixer Volume0.75m³
Max. Aggregate Size (broken stone/pebble)60/80mm
Loading Type of Aggregate to the MixerSkip Hopper
Aggregate Weighing range2000kg ±2%
Cement Weighing range500kg ±1%
Water Weighing range300kg ±1%
Additive Weighing50kg ±1%
Control SystemFull-automatic control system
Discharging Height3800mm (for customers’ choice)
Power (customized)380V/50Hz/3 Phase

JS750 Concrete Mixer

  • Model: JS750
  • Charging capacity: 1200L
  • Discharging capacity: 750L
  • Motor power: 30kw
  • Hoisting power: 7.5kw
  • Number of mixing blades: 2×7 pcs
  • Maximum grain size: 40/50mm
  • Discharging way: Pneumatic discharge
JS750 Concrete Mixer

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Aggregate Batcher and belt weighing

The accumulated weighing belt batcher suspends the conveyor belt from the load cell. It weighs the aggregates without the weighing hopper.

Storage hopper volume5m³x4 bins
Weighing hopper volume1.2m³
Belt width650mm
Weighing sensor, capacity1000kgx3sets
Vibrator1 unit
Aggregate batcher and belt weighing
Aggregate batcher and belt weighing

Cement Silo/Power Silo

The cement silo is used to store the aggregate. The powder silo is a cylindrical steel structure. It can improve production efficiency.

The outlet is installed on the bottom cone, and the discharge port is equipped with a flap-type discharge door to control the discharge of the powder from the silo body. The top is equipped with an electric dust collector. When a lot of dust is collected on the dust collector, the vibration motor is operated on the console to shake off the collected dust. The upper and lower parts of the silo are equipped with a material level gauge, which is connected to the console and can timely and correctly understand the material situation of the silo through electrical signals.

In order to prevent the powder from arching, an air blowing arch breaking device is installed in the cone of the silo. The release of the compressed air is controlled by a solenoid valve to break the powder arch. The solenoid valve is controlled by a microcomputer according to the powder supply time. The material in the silo is directly sent to the silo by the bulk cement truck, and there is a screw conveyor directly to the top of the silo for conveying the powder.

50-200t cement silo
50-200t cement silo

Screw Conveyor

The aggregate conveying system used in the small 35 concrete batching plants is a lifting hopper feeding method, which has the advantages of a small footprint and land resource saving. The screw conveyor diameter is φ219mm with a length of 6m. Motor power: 7.5kW.

Screw Conveyor for concrete batching plant
Screw Conveyor for concrete batching plant

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Full automatic control system

All the operations can be controlled in the control room. Operating panel. Electrical cabinet with components. Including all cables and wires for the whole batching plant.

In conclusion

The structure of the small 35 concrete batching plants is relatively simple, the installation and disassembly are convenient, the metering and control system adopts better accessories, and the work is relatively stable. Whether you need the concrete mixer or the concrete mixing plant, please contact us to get more details. WhatsApp +8613598866720.