Screwd Cement Grouting Pump

Screwd Cement Grouting Pump is an anchor grouting project equipment. It is widely used for roads, railways, tunnels, urban elevations, subways, hydropower stations, underground caverns, anchoring grouting, consolidation grouting, and backfill grouting.

Screwd cement grouting pump | Screw Grouting Machine for sale

Screwd Cement Grouting Pump is a professional device for conveying mortar. YG Screwd Cement Grouting Pump is widely used in anchor grouting projects, like roads, railways, tunnels, etc. It can be used in large pressure grouting works such as curtain grouting for the soil layer when strengthening the dam slope and soft rock.

grout pump
Grout Pump

Features of Screw Grouting Machine

  • Continuous and stable grouting, no pulse, adjustable pressure, stable flow
  • Oblique vertical structure, good slurry fluidity, lightweight, wheel design, easy to move
  • The pump head adopts a universal joint design, which is flexible to rotate
  • It can be grouted liquid, with a wide range of water-cement ratios, especially suitable for thick slurry with concentration design
  • The wheels adopt single-head or double-head screws, and under the same rod diameter, a double-head screw grouting pump is used, which has larger displacement, smaller pulse, stable pressure, stable operation, and low energy consumption.

Technical Parameters

Electric Mortar Spraying Machine
Production Capacity3-6m3/h
Applicable Material Ratio(Water, Ash, Sand)0.7-1:1:3
Main Motor Power4kw/7.5kw
Particle SizeBelow 4mm
Transmission DistanceHorizontal 30m-60m Vertical 15m-40m
Bucket Volume50L-100L
Air Compressor Exhaust0.3m3/min
Max Aggregate SizeBelow 4mm
Feed Pipe Diameter32mm
cement grouting pump
Cement Grouting Pump

Structure and Composition of YG Screw Grouting Pump

1. Power part

The power part is composed of the motive part and the transmission device. The original moving part consists of an electric motor and a deceleration device. The motors of the grouting pumps are selected from high-quality manufacturers, and the motor has a high degree of protection, which is especially suitable for working in harsh environments. The reduction device adopts a cycloidal pinwheel reducer, which has high transmission efficiency, large output torque, long service life. All parts of the transmission device are made of high-quality and strict heat treatment, its work is reliable. The service life is long, the spiral blade is made of alloy material, and the wear resistance is high. With an advanced sealing structure, the bearing life is longer.

hand grout pump
Hand Grout Pump

2. Supercharged screw group

The booster screw group is composed of a stator, a rotor, and an adjusting sleeve. The stator is not only made of imported high wear-resistant rubber material but also in a rubber sleeve.

There is a steel jacket on the outside, so compared with the traditional screw grouting pump, its output pressure is higher and the service life is longer; the rotor

In addition to using high-quality alloy materials, it also undergoes special surface treatment, so its wear resistance is higher and its service life is longer;

The tightness of a row of bolts on the whole set adjusts the degree to which the outer sleeve holds the stator, thereby adjusting the output pressure.

3. Electric control part

All the accessories of the electronic control part are produced by well-known domestic factories, which have the characteristics of reliable performance and long service life.

The operation is easier and simpler. An overload protection device is installed inside, so it can protect the motor from damage.

4. Frame part

The frame part is all welded by channel steel, which has higher strength and has the characteristics of not deforming for a long time; adopts wheel structure, move more conveniently.

grout pump for sale
Grout Pump for Sale

Screw grouting machine for sale

As a powerful tool for anchoring and grouting, the YG Pressure Screwd Cement Grouting Pump is a better machine to buy. More importantly, only a few investments can make your construction more comfortable and efficient because of its high cost-effectiveness. As an expert in the grouting pump manufacturing industry, YG Machinery can provide you with high-quality and low-cost machines. Our staff will also provide the most professional advice for your work needs and recommend the most suitable model for you. Please do not hesitate to send an inquiry to get the latest price.

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