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Sergey is an equipment supplier in Russia. He got an inquiry about the hydraulic concrete breaker for excavator from his customer. So he contacted serval hydraulic hammer manufacturers. Amon these offers, YG Machinery is highly praised for our good price and high quality. Sergey finally choose to cooperate with us and made an order for 20 sets of concrete crushers for the excavator.

Concrete breaker for excavator | Best hydraulic hammers for excavators

The heavy-duty hydraulic hammers are designed to achieve the levels of productivity you need to save time and money on even the biggest jobs. They have a range of hydraulic hammers compatible with a range of carriers. And each is designed to provide the efficiency and accuracy you need for controlled breaking and demolition.

concrete breaker for excavator

Technical Parameters

ModelSuitable Excavator Model
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What can I do with the hydraulic hammer?

A hydraulic concrete breaker for an excavator is used to break up hard materials such as concrete, asphalt, and rocks. In the use of hydraulic breakers, the following broad areas of application have been outlined, differing in the nature of the work:

  • Demolition of concrete road bases, reinforced concrete, building structures, building foundations.
  • Quarrying and demolition of rock in construction and road construction.
  • Fencing of columns and piles.
  • Forming blocks of stone oversized.
  • Compaction of the ditch, building, and road surface.

What are the different types of hydraulic breakers?

According to the type of power they use, Hydraulic breakers can be divided into

  • pure nitrogen type;
  • pure hydraulic type;
  • nitrogen hydraulic combined type.

According to the weight and vibration reduction capabilities, the hydraulic hammers can also be categorized into standard, vibro-reduced, standard – HBP (High Back Pressure), and vibro-reduced – HBP2.

You can also distinguish the hydraulic breakers by structure: side-mounted or top-mounted.

Hydraulic breaker for excavator
Hydraulic breaker for excavator

How do I choose a hydraulic breaker for my excavator?

It is important to choose a hydraulic breaker that is compatible with your excavator and that can handle the type of work you will be doing. But how to choose? You should consider the following factors when choosing a hydraulic breaker for your excavator:

  1. The type of work you will be doing.
  2. The size of your excavator.
  3. The hydraulic flow and pressure of your excavator.
  4. The weight of the hydraulic breaker.
  5. The type of material you will be breaking.

If you still don’t know how to choose, you can consult with a professional or manufacturer to help you choose the right hydraulic breaker for your needs. YG Machinery provides free professional technical support if you need it. Contact us to get the most professional advice.

Install a hydraulic breaker on excavator | Step by step

Here are the general steps to install a hydraulic breaker on your excavator:

  1. Remove the bucket from the excavator.
  2. Install the mounting bracket onto the excavator arm.
  3. Attach the hydraulic hoses to the breaker and the excavator.
  4. Connect the breaker to the mounting bracket.
  5. Test the breaker to ensure it is working properly.

This is a general guide for you. If the manufacturer can provide the instructions, you should follow it when installing a hydraulic breaker on your excavator. You can also consult us if you are unsure how to install it.