Rebar Derusting Machine | Rebar rust remover | Steel bar derusting machine

Rebar Derusting Machine, also named rebar rust remover or steel bar derusting machine, is widely used for rust cleaning of reinforcing bar. In this article, we will introduce this device with its description, component, features, technical parameters, and how to choose the best machine.

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Rebar Derusting Machine for Sale

Rebar Derusting Machine is equipment for removing the steel bar rust. It also can be called Rebar rust remover or steel bar derusting machine. Compare with the traditional Rebar straightening machine, this equipment can remove steel corrosion more conveniently, faster, and cleaner. So, it is an ideal device that almost every construction site will use.

Technical Parameters

Working Range 14-32mm48/51mm(without traction wheel) 32-51mm(with traction wheel)
Working Speed 580-600r/min 580-600r/min
Power 2.2kw*2(without traction wheel) 3kw*2(with traction wheel) 3kw*2
Motor 380V 380V
Weight 160kg 220kg
Dimensions 800*500*600mm 800*500*800mm

Based on the Steel Bar Derusting MachineⅠ, we designed and manufactured this New version of YG Multifunctional Rebar Derusting Machine. This device can remove the rebar rust efficiently and it is suitable for rebar, angle steel, channel steel, square pipe, round pipe, etc.

Rebar Derusting Machine
Machine to rust cleaning

The component of the Rebar Derusting Machine

  • 2 Electric motors
  • Double rust removal assembly
  • Four-roller descaling sheet
  • Bearing seat
  • Adjust the screw
multifunctional Rebar Derusting Machine
multifunctional Machine to remove rebar rust

What is the Rebar Rust Remover used for?

Steel Bar Rust Removal Machine has a good rust removal effect and performance for steel bars and is professionally used to remove rust on the surface of steel bars. It can quickly remove the oxide scale and surface rust of steel bars due to rain and residual oil stains. The machine can restore the original color of the steel bar after cleaning, strong stability, and significantly improved corrosion resistance.

rust rebar vs after rust removal
rust rebar vs after rust removal

Working principle

The double-sided multifunctional Rebar Derusting Machine is started by the power switch and the motor is driven by the triangle belt to drive the 4-rod rust removal assembly to run to achieve the effect of rust removal.

How to choose the best rebar rust remover for your project?

Actually, the most expensive device is not the best for you. To choose a steel bar derusting machine, you need to consider your derusting demand. We all know that there are many types of rebar derusting machines, including hand-held rust remover and automatic derusting machine.

Now, the most often used is the Rebar Derusting Machine. And the Rebar Derusting Machine has a wider application area.

1. For steel dealers or construction site construction parties, if you have large quantities of steel bars (rebars) that need rust removal, then you can choose Rebar Derusting Machines;

2. A coiled steel bar straightening machine can be used for a large number of coiled steel (round steel) steel bars rust removal at construction sites;

3. For ships, etc., where there are many small gaps in the steel plate rust, you can choose a hand-held rust remover.

multifunctional steel bar Derusting Machine
multifunctional steel bar derusting Machine

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