Automatic disposable gloves making machine

According to the different materials, there are more than 6 types of hand protection gloves:

  1. Nitrile gloves
  2. PVC gloves
  3. PE gloves
  4. Latex gloves
  5. Fabric or Cotton Gloves
  6. Coated Fabric Gloves
  7. etc.


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And here comes the question, how the coated fabric gloves are made? What should I do to start my gloves manufacturing business? In this guide, I will show you an automatic disposable gloves making machine that can help you. Follow me!

PE Glove Making Machine Price | Disposable Plastic Glove
PE Glove Making Machine Price | Disposable Plastic Glove

latex gloves manufacturing machine price
latex gloves manufacturing machine price

What is Gloves Manufacturing Machine?

Gloves manufacturing machine is a production line with serval machines. As the name means, you can use the machine to make disposable gloves, including PE gloves, PVC gloves, nitrile gloves, and latex gloves. The machine is composed of a vulcanization tank, a coagulant mixing tank, a sand mill, water purified, a diaphragm pump, air compressor, latex/nitrile surgical, and exam glove dipping machine, auto strip machine, porcelain exam gloves former, dryer, surgical glove packing room. For the gloves making machine price, you can click the button below.


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Technical Parameters of glove making machine


Product name Glove dipping machine
Condition New
Production Capacity 6,000 pcs/hr
Voltage 380V
Power 34 kw/hr
Mould 3600PCS
Heat consumption 550,000 cal/hr
Speed 10 m/min
Quality Good


Gloves manufacturing machine: how gloves are made?

Servals steps to make gloves:

  1. Prepare the material to make gloves.
  2. Clean and prepare hand-shaped molds for use.
  3. Vulcanize the latex to give latex its elasticity, at the same time, the gloves are also dried during this process.
  4. Rinse the gloves with water to remove excess latex.
  5. Brushes roll their ends into cuffs.
  6. Stripping phrase: using air jets to remove the gloves from the molds.
  7. Test: regulatory requirements and batch testing.

Features of Automatic disposable glove making machine

  • Easy to operate
  • High efficiency, lower cost
  • Touch Screen+PLC control
  • High-quality glove former sealing knife
  • Attached gloves former cooling device
  • The whole set packed whole set delivery.
glove making machine case
glove making machine

Gloves Making Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

Henan Yugong machinery co. ltd is a professional manufacturer of gloves making machine. The automatic disposable gloves production line can be designed according to your needs. We have latex gloves making machine, nitrile gloves manufacturing machine, PVC gloves making machine, PE gloves making machine. Besides gloves making machines, YG Machinery can also manufacture the diaper production line, wet tissue production line, Toilet paper production line, etc.


If you want to buy an automatic disposable gloves manufacturing machine, feel free to get more information here.