Wire mesh welding machine

How is made the steel wire mesh? YG Wire Mesh Welder Machine can produce reinforcing mesh working with pre-cut wires.

wire mesh machine
wire mesh machine

Wire Mesh Welding Machine For Sale

YG Steel Wire Mesh Welding Machine is mainly used for the production of wire mesh for bridge construction, water conservancy projects, highway and railways, steel mesh for pouring concrete in buildings, steel fence mesh for construction scaffolding, and steel anchor mesh for tunnel support.

Tunnel steel mesh welder machine technical parameters

Host side plate25 thick iron plate
Upper beam plate thickness25 width 200 iron plate
Lower beam300 I-beam
Upper electrode diameter25 copper rod
Upper electrode connecting wire200 square copper wire
Upper electrode splint20*40 key bar
Upper electrode slide rod diameter25 cold drawn round steel
Lower electrode holderCopper block
Lower electrode35*35*20mm Chrome Pickaxe Copper Square
Lower electrode connecting line300 square copper plate
Spindle diameter75 round steel
Power MotorIntegrated Variable Frequency Brake Motor Reducer
Motor power3.0kW
Host base wall thickness5mm100*50 square tube
Transformer2*120KVA water-cooled transformer
Pull net runway thickness2.5mm60*80 square tube
Number of solder joints (number of warps)8
Dimensions (L*W*H) Covers an area of2250*4900*1450mm
Welding wire diameter5-8mm
Welding aperture150*150mm—200*200mm
Welding speed20-45 times/min
Machine weight2.2T


  1. The welding host of the steel mesh welding machine adopts synchronous control technology, the system is stable, the work efficiency is high, the service life is long, the precision is high, and the welding point is firmly welded.
  2. The welding transformer adopts a new type of water-cooled high-efficiency welding mesh transformer, and the welding current can be adjusted arbitrarily, which expands the welding wire diameter range; the welding copper head adopts the special chrome-zirconium copper block for welding, and adopts water circulation cooling, which greatly reduces the loss. rate and can be used in many ways.
  3. The mesh drawing system of the reinforced mesh welding machine is controlled by computer programming. The spacing of the horizontal bars can be adjusted arbitrarily through the display of the control cabinet. It is convenient and simple to change the hole spacing. Up to dozens of different spacings can be realized on the same mesh.
  4. The control system of the machine adopts a PLC programming controller, touch screen display, convenient operation interface, and simple working method.
  5. The horizontal wire blanking system adopts patented technology, and the PLC controls the motor to automatically drop the wire without manual placement. (Equipped with horizontal wire blanking detection system)

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