Rebar upsetting machine

Rebar upsetting machine

What is a Rebar Upsetting Machine?

Rebar upsetting machine adopts the upsetting and pressing straight thread connection technology. It is used to upset the to-be-processed threaded section at the end of the steel bar in advance. So that the diameter of the upsetting part is increased to be larger than the diameter of the base material.

Rebar upsetting machine

Structure of Rebar Upsetting Machine

The steel bar straight thread rolling machine consists of frame, clamping clamp, guide rail, slide plate, cycloidal pinwheel reducer, rib stripping rolling head, feed mechanism, automatic opening and closing mechanism, stroke limit mechanism, cooling system, electrical appliances Control box, control system and other parts.

Main technical parameters of reinforced pier thickening machine:

Technique parameters
Diameter range of processed steel barsφ12-φ32mm
Motor power7.5 KW
Equipped with power supply380V/50Hz
Oil Pressure Flux4.0L/min
Pumping station methodHydraulic pump
Working pressure30MPA

How does the Rebar Upsetting Machine Work?

Full- Automatic Rebar Upsetting Machine can forge the steel bar end to be larger, and then use the matching threading machine to thread the upsetting part. After that, the machine tool use the same specification sleeve to connect the threaded parts of the two steel bar heads with a wrench to complete the so-called butt joint of the steel bars.

Steel Bar Upsetting Machine for sale

The steel bar upsetting machine uses high pressure to make the head of the steel bar cold press and plastically deform, increase the diameter, and then process the thread to make the effective cross section of the processed thread larger than the base material of the steel bar, so as to improve the quality of the joint and make the joint compressive and tensile strength larger than the base material.

Rebar Upsetting Machine

Application of Rebar Upsetting Machine

high quality rebar upsetting machine

The rebar upset forging machine is used to upset forging rebar end. The machine is suitable for the connection of steel bars in bridges, subways and other national key projects with higher requirements. And it is suitable for rebar diameter 12-32mm.

Advantages of Rebar End Upset Forging Machine

The strong straight thread connection technology such as upsetting has the advantages of stable performance, labor-saving and fast connection, and high inspection qualification rate. It can also completely solve the problem of non-rotatable connection of steel bars.

YG Machinery brand steel bar thickening machine features:

  1. Upsetting straight thread connection equipment (cold heading machine) is simple in structure and easy to operate.
  2. It adopts a single valve, single cylinder and automatic clamping structure.
  3. All upsetting actions are completed in one step, and the production efficiency is high.
  4. The oil cylinder adopts seals, which has a long service life and is convenient for mold replacement and maintenance.

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YG Machinery is the top and professionnal rebar machinery manufacturer and supplier. The high quality rebar upsetting machine at best price is simple to operate, compact in structure, reliable in work, and has a unique automatic opening and closing mechanism. It can forge steel bars with a diameter range of 12-32mm.