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YG Machinery manufactures a wide range of products which include fully automatic paper cup making machines, semi-automatic paper cup machine, automatic paper cup making machines, and ultrasonic paper cup making machines.

Paper cup making machine for sale

A Paper cup is a common thing in our daily life. Everyone uses it, for drinking coffee, water, or tea. Paper cups are disposable cups made of paper and are usually lined or covered with plastic or wax to prevent liquids from leaking or soaking through the paper. It can be made from recycled environmentally friendly paper and is widely used all over the world. So paper cup business is profitable if you make a good plan and have good action. Here, you can get all the details about the high-speed automatic paper cup making machine.

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Fully Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine

YG High-speed Paper cup machine is one of the TOP 10 Paper cup forming machines in 2022. This machine adopts a desktop layout, which isolates the transmission components and molds. The transmission part is under the desk and the mold is on the table. The layout is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

The machine adopts automatic spray lubrication, longitudinal axis transmission structure, barrel-type cylindrical indexing mechanism, and gear transmission to ensure the stability and quality of the whole machine. For electrical components, PLC, photoelectric tracking, and servo feed are used to control the operation. The production capacity of this type of machine is as high as 110-160 pcs/min, which is suitable for producing 5-16 ounces of cold/hot cups.


Paper Cup Size3-16OZ3-16OZ
Raw MaterialOne-side PEOne-side or two-side PE coated paper (Singe PE or Double PE coated paper)
Speed90-100pcs/min90-100 pcs/min
Suitable paper weight150-180g;±20g160-300g/;±20g
Voltage supply380V,50HZ380V(220V) 50HZ
cup sizeBottom35-70mm,Top45-90mm,High32-135mmBottom35-70mm,Top45-90mm,High32-135mm
General power4.5 kW6 kW
Working Air SourceNO0.4-0.6Mpa; 0.4m3/min
Net weight1680kg2000kg
MeasurementL:2115mm;W:1000mm;H:1700mmMain engine: 2100*1200mm*1800mm
Cup holder: 900*600*1500mm
Cup Side SealingCopper bar heatingEvergreen Ultrasonic
Bottom KnurlingHeatingHot Air System

Ultrasonic Paper Cup Machine

A perfect machine for making quality paper cups and paper plates to save the environment and save the future for the next generation.

NameGrooved wheel type single tray paper cup machine
Paper Cup Size3-16OZ
Raw MaterialOne-side  PE
Speed70-80 pcs/min
Suitable paperweight150-300g/㎡;±20g/㎡
Voltage supply380V,50HZ
Cup sizeBottom 35-70mm,Top45-90mm,High32-135mm
Working Air SourceNO
General power5 kW
Net weight1680kg
Measurement (mm)L:2115mm; W:1000mm; H:1700mm
Cup Side SealingEVERGREEN Ultrasonic
Bottom KnurlingHeating
The mold can be customized according to customer requirements.
Paper cup making machine
hot sale Paper cup making machine

How do I choose the right machine?

It is not important which one is the best paper glass making machine however it is more important to find the best supplier for your paper glass making machine who has a good backup of all the spare parts of the paper cup machine and after-sales services.

Many suppliers just want to sell the machine without any sales and service support so choose your supplier wisely.

YG Machinery has spent more than 20 years researching paper cup production lines. So, trust us, you will get professional assistance.


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