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Introduce: How are made PET Bottles? Here, we will introduce to you the bottle blowing machine and how to choose the model of the blow molding machine. 

PET Bottles are mainly used to store liquids such as water, beverages, oil, etc., and they can also store medicines. Plastic bottles have different sizes and can be made of different materials. Among them, plastic bottles made of PET plastic are the most commonly used. How are made PET Bottles? Here, we will introduce to you the bottle blowing machine.

China PET Bottle Blowing Machine
China PET Bottle Blowing Machine

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As a plastic product producer, the bottle blowing machine sprays liquid plastic, and uses the wind generated by the machine to blow the sprayed plastic onto the mold cavity of a specific shape, and cools it to form the product to be produced. This method Greatly improved production efficiency.

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There are two types of semi-automatic blow molding machines and fully automatic blow molding machines. There is not much difference in quality between the automatic blow molding machine and the semi-automatic blow molding machine, but the bottles blown by the automatic machine will be slightly better than the semi-automatic bottle, mainly due to factors such as the timely temperature control and program analysis, and the fast movement transmission.

Fully automatic blow molding machine

High price, high output, labor saving, need better technical personnel to maintain, fully automatic and high efficiency, because there is no influence of operators, the quality is usually relatively stable

Semi-automatic blow molding machine

Small investment, easy operation, simple maintenance, low output, and high staff operation intensity.

How are PET bottles made?

The PET Bottles are manufactured by the PET Bottle Making Machine. For large-scale production, a two-step method is generally used, and the production capacity is relatively large.

The two-step process starts with an injection molding machine to cast a PET preform (a plastic test tube). Then put this preform into the blowing mold, and blow it up, and the bottle body will expand and finally form the shape of the mold. The last step, take it out to cool. The PET Bottles are finally made.

Fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine
Fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine

What is the production process of the PET Water Bottle Blowing Machine?

Step 1. Place the preform in the preform container, and automatically enter the preform positioning device through the conveying device.
Step 2. Automatically load the preform from the mouth up to the preform holder, and then send it into the drying tunnel.
Step 3. After heating, the preform is sent to the blowing and drawing platform, and then the mold is locked, followed by low-pressure blowing and drawing, high-pressure blowing and drawing, exhaust, and finally, the mold is opened.
Step 4. The finished bottle is taken off the bottle blowing platform by the automatic demolding system.

Advantages and characteristics of the automatic blow molding machine

The advantages and characteristics of the automatic blow molding machine in its own design and application:

  1. Reasonable design, fully automatic control, greatly reducing power consumption and manpower;
  2. Automatic billet loading system;
  3. Use the infrared preheating heating box to preheat the tube blank;
  4. The production process is completely automated, which has the advantages of less investment, quick effect, convenient and safe operation, and maintenance.

How to choose the model of the bottle blowing machine?

First, you need to confirm the bottle type that you want to produce. It’s better that you send the bottle pictures to the machine manufacturer to help you to confirm the machine model.

Second, the machine speed, the capacity of the machine. You should choose the machine model according to your needs.

Third, the price. This is definitely what customers care about most, but the price here does not mean the lowest price. A machine consists of thousands of parts and accessories. The main material of the frame is different, the brand of each part is different, the processing technology of each mechanical part is different, and the price fluctuation range will be very large.

Generally speaking, choose the model of the blow molding machine according to the products you need. For manufacturers of different dosages, the general concern is the size of a few cavities, the size of the bottle capacity, and the output per hour.

It is very important to choose the model according to your needs. If you do not know which model is more suitable for your factory, please contact us to get free help. WhatsApp/WeChat 008613598866720.

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