Spider Crane | 3/5/8 Tons Hydraulic Crawler Crane Spider Crane for Sale

spider crane for sale

The crawler spider crane is small in size, heavy in load. It can be lifted. This is unmatched by general cranes. For example, in basements, workshops, and other operating environments, ordinary machines cannot enter. And the roof, indoors, in shopping malls, or in densely populated places, the tower crane can’t operate. But the mini spider crane for sale can easily work in these small spaces.

5 Tons Hydraulic Crawler Crane Spider Crane for Sale

  • Crane type: crawler crane
  • Operation form: manual, wireless remote control
  • Structural form: Crawler type
  • Telescopic boom length: 16 meters
  • Cantilever length: 16.5 m
  • Effective lifting height: 16.8 m
  • Rated lifting capacity: 5 T
  • Scope of application: Small range narrow space
  • Maximum driving speed: 540 r/min
  • Rated lifting moment: 15
  • Maximum swivel speed: 360°
mini crawler crane for sale

5-ton miniature crawler crane applications

The inspection and maintenance of automobile engine workshop equipment in narrow spaces, power construction, petrochemical workshop inspection and maintenance, building glass curtain wall installation, high-speed rail station construction, and cemetery stone industry, and other places with narrow spaces.

3 Ton Spider Crane

3t mini crawler crane
  • Engine manufacturer: Yanmar / Xinchai
  • Maximum working radius 8.83m×0.2t
  • Maximum ground head: 9.2mX0.7t
  • Standard configuration: Diesel engine and electric motor (dual power)
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Operating system: manual/remote control

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What is a mini crawler spider crane?

We call this equipment a spider crane. Because this machine looks like a spider when its four outriggers are stretched out. The chassis is a crawler walking mechanism. So it has another name a crawler crane. If you compare with other large cranes, its appearance and structure are very small. So you can also call it a mini spider crane or a miniature crane.


YG Folding crawler crane is mainly used in narrow places where large cranes cannot be deployed.

  • It can be driven by gasoline or 380V motor. It can realize wireless remote control operation;
  • You can use it as a small aerial work vehicle by adding a work basket.
  • Various applications: the hoisting of tombstones in cemeteries, the installation of indoor electrical equipment in substations, the installation and maintenance of equipment and pipelines in petrochemical plants, the installation and maintenance of glass curtain walls, the installation of lamps and lanterns in high-rise buildings, tree pruning, and indoor decoration.


  1. Diesel + Electric motor: The whole machine adopts dual power of diesel engine and 380V motor, compact structure, good braking performance, more stable start and stop;
  2. Engineering rubber track: motor walking, engineering rubber track, equipped with a brake system, the brake is more sensitive;
  3. Wireless control + manual control: Remote control operation (manual + adjustable speed) hoisting remote control, outrigger remote control, walking remote control;
  4. Equipped with 4 fully hydraulic folding outriggers, manual rotation;
  5. Oil pressure automatic support, one section of the hydraulic outrigger, and one section of manual outrigger.

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Henan YG Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and research of miniature folding crawler cranes. With more than 20 years of machine manufacturing, our machines won praise from all over the world.

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