Excavator Wood Grab Hydraulic Wood Grapple Timber Grab

Wood grab is one type of attachment for excavators. The main function of the Excavator grab is to carry out loading, unloading, and handling operations of wood, timber, reed, straw, and various strip materials.

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Types of Hydraulic Wood Grapple

Wood grabs are divided into:

  1. Mechanical wood grabs: Mechanical wood grabs can be used without modifying excavator pipelines and hydraulic systems (low-cost type);
  2. Rotary wood grabs: 360° Logging Grapple needs to modify excavator pipelines and hydraulic systems to meet the needs of 360-degree rotation (convenient, practical, high-cost type).

Hydraulic Excavator Grab | Excavator log grab for Sale

Streamlined appearance design, beautiful and generous.

The well-known brand engine has a strong driving force, reliable operation, high efficiency, energy saving, and consumption reduction.

The working device is automatically leveled, computer optimized, and efficient. Various working conditions such as a wooden fork and expansion hopper can be configured.

Hydraulic Timber Grab Wood Grab Manufacturer

Parameters of Excavator grab

Open size(mm)12001400160021002500
Work pressure(kg/cm2)110~140120~160150~170160~180160~180
Maximum unloaded weight(kg)15002000300050008000
Applicable excavator4~6 ton6~11ton12~16ton17~23ton24~30ton

Applicable occasions for wood grabber

It can carry out all clamping operations such as stone operations, wood sugar cane operations, waste operations, pipe operations, garden operations, and stone masonry projects.

Excavator Grab Features

The excavator wood grabber is used to reduce the possibility of material falling down or grabbing the material directly.

  • This wood grab is made of NM400 wear-resistant steel, light in weight and wear-resistant;
  • The pin shaft is made of 42CrMo alloy steel, with built-in oil passage, high strength, and good toughness;
  • The rotating motor is imported from Switzerland;
  • Use the vertical car motor rotation system, 360° rotation, with brake function;
  • The oil cylinder adopts honing tube and imported HALLITE oil seal, which has a short working cycle and long service life;
  • Grabbing teeth are made of manganese-molybdenum alloy material, which is durable.

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1 Wood grab is equivalent to 50-60 manpower. The modification of the excavator logs grabs not only reduces the consumption of human resources but also enhances work efficiency. In addition, it also enhances the safety performance of the work process and has received the high praise. You can use the wood grabber for loading, unloading, handling, and transportation in paper product factories, and flower and tree farms. Small and medium log grabs are suitable for loading.

What is the excavator log grab price?

The excavator log grab is a new attachment of the excavator and an expanded application of the excavator. It cooperates with the bucket to complete grasping, clamping and other actions without affecting the function and use of the bucket, and responds quickly. Cooperate with different businesses of the excavator, adapt to different jobs, easy to install, easy to operate, and cost-effective. The excavator log grab is suitable for excavating places where materials are easy to fall during loading, especially for places with high loading and lifting, which is very practical.

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