Fog Cannon for sale

Fugitive dust pollution is the main cause of current air pollution. In order to improve the current air pollution problem, we must first solve the problem of fugitive dust pollution. For this reason, dust removal fog cannon equipment came into being. Continue to learn about the fog cannon for sale.

Fog Cannon Dust Suppression Machine for Sale

Fog cannon machine is designed for dust control. You can use it indoors and outdoors. Henan Yugong Machinery manufactures types of mist cannon machines with efficacity. The main function of a dust suppression cannon is to reduce the dust, improve the air quality, and reduce the health risk. Fog cannon dust suppression machine is a useful tool to spray dust suppression. Read on to know more.

fog cannon dust suppression work
fog cannon dust suppression for sale

Technical Parameters

Horizontal Range20-30m30-40m
Horizontal Rotation350°350°
Pitch Angle-10°-60°-10°-60°
Consumption 10-20L/min (adjustable) 20-30L/min (adjustable)
Fog Size 40-200μm (adjustable) 40-200μm(adjustable)
Equipment typeAutomatic/normal/standard/automatic remote controlAutomatic/normal/standard/automatic remote control
Control MethodOptionalOptional
Pump Power3KW3KW
Fan Power3KW5KW
Suitable Ambient Temperature-10°C ~ +45°C with a water tank-10°C ~ +45°C with a water tank

Uses of Fog Cannon machine:

The scope of application of dust removal fog gun machine:

  1. City appearance and municipal administration: Deal with urban PM2.5 air exceeding standards, pollution control, dust reduction and fog removal, urban environmental governance;
  2. Dust removal of the yard. All coal piles, material piles, ash piles, open-air loading, and unloading operations spray dust suppression, spraying or spraying stabilizers, and other dust suppression;
  3. Construction sites, demolition and other construction projects, construction waste, waste residues, handling and stacking, and other dust pollution control activities;
  4. Material transportation, such as coal char, sand, gravel, soil corrosion, garbage, muck, and other vehicles that are prone to dust and pollutants, and heavy vehicles, as well as due to overflow or leakage of materials during transportation. Control of caused dust pollution;
  5. Raise dust on the bare ground, implement greening projects, carry out greening spraying and dust reduction measures;
  6. Disinfection: In airports, highways, stations, docks, public places, and landfills, spray disinfection and disinfection, and dust reduction, moisturizing, cooling, and disinfection in sports venues and hot venues.

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Advantages of Fog Cannon Dust Suppression :

The fog gun machine has strong wind power and strong maneuverability, which is especially suitable for dust removal in coal mines and docks. The size of the water mist particles is 30-200um. Compared with other spraying equipment, water consumption can be saved by 70%-80% (spray guns, sprinklers), and the dust area covered by the water mist is much larger than other dust suppression equipment.

What are the components of a fog cannon dust suppression system?

The automatic dust removal fog gun machine is mainly divided into four parts:

  • Nozzle
  • Fan
  • Water pump
  • Turning and positioning device.

Relying on the principle of a high-speed running fan on the environmental protection fog cannon, the water atomization wind in the tank can spray a range of more than 100 meters. The fog cannon dust suppression is suitable for dust suppression by wind and sand, dust suppression on construction sites, and demolition sites. It is specially used for urban development sites.

How Does a Mist Cannon Machine Work?

Generally speaking, it’s the working principle of the fog cannon dust suppression machine:

The water is transported to the atomization nozzle through a specific pipeline with a high-pressure water pump, and a strong airflow is generated by the fan to transport the water mist produced by the nozzle to perform a normal spray operation.

Dust Suppression Fog Cannon for sale

If there is a demand for the purchase of fog cannons, we need to pay special attention to the following aspects:
1. What kind of site the machine will be set on, and what liquid to spray (pure water, or disinfectant pesticide)
2. How many meters do you want it to reach? This actually determines which model to choose.
3. Is there any requirement for the motor (aluminum or copper)
4. What kind of voltage (380V/220V)

Fog Cannon Machine Manufacturer

The YG Machinery®’s mist cannon is the ideal solution for the disinfection and sanitation of large areas. It is available in a low and high flow configuration – depending on the spray range. The system uses a powerful fan to diffuse a jet in the form of mist * for optimal disinfection of large surfaces. Depending on your needs, the YG Machinery® cannon can be attached to a platform to cover a specific area or mounted on the back of a truck with an integrated water tank and generator.

YG Machinery® Fog Cannon has served customers in many overseas countries. On the construction site, they play the function of dust removal. In public places, they play the role of disinfection and sterilization. It is efficient and safe to use the fog cannon to disinfect a relatively large area. YG Machinery has a wealth of experience in fog cannon production and sales. Please contact us with your questions and needs, and you will get a satisfactory answer.

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