Spiral Bar Forming Machine

A piece of equipment suitable for the steel bar processing industry has been developed. After years of experience, YG Machinery can manufacture and produce steel bar spiral reinforcement machines. The Spiral Tendons Forming Machine is used for bending 6-22 mm steel bars.

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Spiral Bar Forming Machine|CNC Hydraulic Screw Steel Processing Machinery for Bridges

YG Spiral Bar Forming Machine is used for the processing and production of foundation pile anchors. Especially for high-speed rail, subway, photovoltaic power, and other projects. It is the equipment for producing spiral tendons. The main feature is its volume is small. So it’s easy to operate. In addition, this Spiral tendons forming machine can be set up for batches, and it can automatically process a bundle of steel bars.

Spiral Bar Forming Machine Technical Parameters

Here are the parameters of a fully automatic Spiral Tendons Forming Machine.

Diameter of Spiral RebarΦ6-10mmΦ6-12mmΦ8-16mmΦ16-22mm
Rotating Speed20m/min20m/min12m/min10m/min
Voltage380V, 50Hz
Diameter of Roller100mm-500mm150mm-500mm150mm-500mm200mm-500mm
Circle error±0.5mm
Spiral bar forming machine
CNC Hydraulic Spiral bar forming machine

Features and Advantages of Rebar spiral bending machine

  1. The automatic spiral rib forming machine adopts single-chip integrated control. You can adjust the parameters according to your need and the machine can store multiple parameters.
  2. With a digital display, you can manage the equipment conveniently to save time and improve production efficiency.
  3. High-quality components are used in the key parts to ensure the service life of the machine.
  4. Stability: hydraulic transmission is flexible and reliable, cycloid motor, without gear assistance, can reduce gear gap.
  5. Fast: 20-40 meters per minute.
  6. Accuracy: rounding error ±0.50MM.
  7. Box-shaped structure and good rigidity
  8. The control box is equipped with functions such as fast feeding, automatic cutting, manual cutting, automatic stopping, and starting.

Spiral Bar Forming Machine Working Principle

With a microcomputer fully automatic PLC coding numerical control system, users only need to input the spiral bar spacing and the number of meters on the numerical control code display. The spiral bar can be automatically processed and cut. Note: The cutting length error is within 5mm. The machine is widely used in bridge prestress construction. It greatly improves engineering precision and efficiency.


The high-speed rail spiral rib forming machine is composed of:

  1. Electric motors
  2. Hydraulic components (oil pumps, hydraulic motors, electronic valves, fuel tank tubing, etc.)
  3. Pre-adjusting wheels
  4. Straightening gearboxes
  5. Rounding assemblies
  6. Cutting-off assemblies
  7. CNC electrical control programs.

Functions of the Spiral bar

Indirect reinforcement, such as spiral stirrups or welded ring stirrups, can improve the bearing capacity of the cream column. Because sometimes the column needs to withstand a large axial pressure and the cross-sectional size is limited, the increase of the reinforcement and the strength of the concrete can not meet the requirements.

How is it function?  The relatively large lateral deformation of the concrete in the core causes the spiral stirrups to generate hoop tension. That is to say, the concrete in the core is subjected to the radial pressure of the spiral stirrups and is under three-way compression.

When the compressive strength is increased, spiral stirrups or welded annular stirrups (collectively referred to as indirect steel bars) can be used to increase the bearing capacity of the column.

spiral bar
spiral bar

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