Putty spray machine

Putty Spray Machine is a piece of equipment efficient for spraying putty and spackle. Which airless sprayers are more suitable for spraying putty? How to spray the wall in a better way? Read this article and find the answer.

YG 4030J Putty Spray Machine – Airless Putty Sprayer

High quality work. long service life.

In the past, custmors prefered the wallpaper, but now, they want smooth and clean walls. This is why airless putty spray device is becoming increasingly important. How to spackle a wall? Here, I introduce you a best wall putty spray machine – YG 4030J Putty Spray Machine.

YG 4030J Putty Spray Machine – Airless Sprayer for spray putty and Spackle

Technical Parameters

  • Model: YG 4030J
  • Voltage: 220v (two boxes of household electricity)
  • Power: 1.5kw*2
  • Exhaust volume: 560L/min
  • Air compressor weight: 35 kg
  • Size: 88*60cm
  • Bucket height: 80cm
  • Barrel diameter: 60cm
  • Pressure range: 0.1-1.0mp
  • Bucket weight: 30 kg
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YG 4030J Airless Putty Sprayer can spray putty powder, natural stone paint, rock chip paint, cement slurry, enamel paint, tempered paint, water-packed colorful paint, waterproof paint, fireproof paint, thermal insulation mortar, asphalt, and other paste materials, except for materials that settle too fast, materials that solidify too fast.

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Working Principle & Features

  1. YG 4030J is a multifunctional sprayer machine with an airless device. The materials are transported by compressed air, and then it atomized the material at the spray gun.
  2. Air compressor is small, lightweight, and portable. No noises, no oil needed. (The device use non-lubricant pistons and nano-coated cylinders.)
  3. Stable, low cost for maintenance, high efficiency, the machine can work for 8 hours.
  4. Simple structure, small, portable, long service life.

Advantages :

  • Faster job thanks to high surface coverage
  • High quality work
  • Eeasy to use
  • Aapplication of other materials such as primer and dispersion paint
  • Not block due to nozzle with large caliber
  • Easy to clean

With YG 4030J Airless Putty Spray Machine, you can achieve high-quality work results in a short time. The machine can paint 8-10 kg paste materials per minute, spray putty for 100-200 m² per hour, and spray natural stone material for 60-100 m² per hour.

putty spayer machine parts list | yg machinery

Accessories List

  1. long spray gun & short spray gun
  2. double scrapers
  3. internal angle device & external angle device,
  4. 4 round nozzles
  5. clamps
  6. rubber pads
  7. raw material tape,
  8. accessory kit (spare parts for common connectors, replace directly if damaged)

Materials that YG 4030J spraying machine can use:

  • Bito MS 108
  • Brillux Airless Filler 1885
  • Brillux Airless Filler 1890
  • Caparol KF
  • Diesco
  • Dinova Airless Spray
  • Filler ELF
  • Herbol Spraypipe Airless
  • Knauf Sheetrock Super Finish
  • Maxit Airless Spray Filler G
  • Murexin Airless
  • Spraypipe Durapid AS 30
  • Palmcolor Airless Spray D5
  • Relius Spray Filler Fine
  • Rigips ProMix Airless F
  • SIGMA Spray Filler
  • StoLevell In AS
  • Tex-Color Airless
  • Zero Airless fine
  • 605 Megamur Airless easy
  • 606 Megamur Airless fine

How to Choose a suitable putty sprayer?

Step 1. Confirm the material.

What material will you use? For Exterior wall or interior wall? Spraying for exquisite Interiors or underground garage workshops?

Step 2. Choose the brand.

There are many common putty spraying machine brands, such as Graco, Wagner, Jaguar, Berger, FARBMAX, YG Machinery, etc.

Step 3. Price and payment method.

The price is of course an important factor to consider. and you need also consider the payment method that is suitable for you.

Putty Spray Machine Price

To buy or rent a putty sprayer, it’s up to your project. If you are an interior renovation company or you do sprayer or decorator travaux all the time, I advise that you buy a small putty spray paint machine like YG 4030J. The price is competitive, cheaper than Graco, Wagner, and FARBMAX.

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