Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps are composed of a pump and a long hose and it is used to deliver concrete to construction sites. There are many types of concrete pumps for sale, such as trailer-mounted concrete pumps, concrete mixers with pumps, self-loader concrete trucks, concrete boom pumps or line pumps, etc.

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What is a Concrete Pump?

Composed by pump body and conveying pipe, Concrete Pump Machine is used for concrete conveying of large-scale concrete projects such as high-rise buildings, high speeds, and overpasses. It is a kind of machine that uses pressure to deliver concrete continuously along pipelines, mainly used in building, bridge, and tunnel construction.

concrete pumps machines
various types of concrete pumping machines 

What type of pump is best for concrete?

In general, there are two types of concrete pumps: boom concrete pump and line pump or trailer-mounted concrete pump.

But concrete pumps are also divided into many types:

  • Gate valve concrete pump and S-valve concrete pump from valve types
  • From power type, they can be divided into one type with electric engine and another type with a diesel engine. PS: Most people would like to choose the electric engine type because it’s more convenient to use on construction site.
  • From the amount of concrete conveyed, they can be divided into types of 20m³/h, 40m³/h, 60m³/h, and 80m³/h.

You can choose the concrete delivery pump according to the requirements of the construction project:

  1. Manufacturer of the Concrete Pump
  2. The purpose of Concrete Pump
  3. The complexity of Construction Projects in terms of casting
  4. Main technical parameters: delivery capacity, outlet pressure, motor power, and distribution valve form.
  5. Price and economic factors


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Trailer-mounted Concrete pump for sale

This trailer type pumping equipment is a small and professional pump to convey concrete. It can be used on various types of construction sites. With a small size, the equipment is more convenient to move and has a good pumping performance.

Model YG-10 YG-20 YG-30 YG-40
Max Theoretical Concrete Output 6m³/h 12m³/h 15-18m³/h 20-22m³/h
Max Concrete outlet Pressure 10Mpa/15Mpa 15Mpa/18Mpa 15Mpa/18Mpa 23Mpa
Aggregate Size 5-15mm 5-20mm ≤20mm ≤20mm
Power 15kw 22kw 37kw 45kw
Hose Diameter Φ80mm Φ80mm Φ80mm(100mm) Φ100mm(80mm)
Max Theoretical Conveying Distance (Horizontal Distance/vertical Height) 50m/20m 80m/40m 160m/80m 260m/120m
Overall Dimension 1800×700×1100mm 3400×1200×1600mm 3800×1500×1600mm 4000×1500×1550mm
Total Weight 600kg 1600kg 2200kg 2400kg



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YG-40 concrete pump
YG-40 concrete pump

YG-10 Trailer-mounted concrete pump
YG-10 Trailer-mounted concrete pump

Concrete Pump Composition:

 Pumping System

1. The feeding hopper with a large inclination angle is designed to improve the suction efficiency.
2. The S-pipe valve can make it slow in pipe diameter changing and smooth in delivery, to provide concrete pump high pumping rate.
3. Glass board. Its cutting ring with high wear resistant hard alloy, service life is 3 times longer than the traditional material.
4. Exit with high pressure.
5. Wear parts with high service life.
6. High quality products parts (key components: Kawasaki of Japan, Peck of America, Siemens of Germany, Schneider of Germany).

Concrete Pump Composition
Concrete Pump Composition

Intelligent control system

1. Switch for high and low pressure: The unique high and low-pressure valve changer has two delivery modes: high pressure and small displacement / low pressure and large displacement
2. Stepless adjustment of pumping capacity
3. Stepless variable adjustment technology to realize the synchronous change of concrete working condition and displacement
4. Automatic centralized lubrication. Through the centralized automatic lubrication, to ensure the lubrication effect of components, extend the life of moving parts and sealing components.

Advanced hydraulic and electrical systems

1. Double pump group: the system adopts advanced open double pump, double loop hydraulic system, pump return way and reversing oil way to work independently, the system is simple and reliable.
2. The cooling filtration system adopts bypass cooling filtration and large radiator device with forced air cooling, which can effectively control the temperature of hydraulic oil.
3. PLC control: the hydraulic system steering is controlled by a programmable logic controller. The electrical control part is simple and reliable.

Wireless remote control Function

Wireless remote control to achieve a long distance and no obstacle operation. The remote control range can be up to 100M.


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Concrete mixer with pump for sale

This concrete mixer pump machine can do the same time mixing and pumping jobs, which is more convenient for a smaller civil construction project.

Model YGS30 YGS40
Max Theoretical Concrete Output(m³/h) 30/17 46/30
Max Concrete outlet Pressure(Mpa) 9 10
Aggregate Size(mm) ≤30 ≤40
Power(kw) 37 45
Concrete Cylinder Diameter(mm) Φ140×1000 Φ180×1000
Oil Tank Capacity(L) Φ80×100 Φ100×1000
Max Theoretical Conveying Distance (Horizontal Distance/vertical Height) 120/500 140/600
Pipe Cleaning Mode Washing Washing
Overall Dimension(mm) 4500×2200×2600 4500×2200×2600
Total Weight(kg) 4000 4300
Discharging capacity(m³) 0.45 0.45
Feeding capacity(m³) 0.8 0.8
Production rate(m3/h) 10-14 10-14


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concrete mixer pump
concrete mixer pump

concrete mixer with pump
concrete mixer pump for sale

Concrete boom pump for sale

Concrete line pumps or boom pumps are more suitable for pumping concrete to high rise. With the long pipe, it can pump concrete to very high buildings.


Model YG 14m Line Pump
Pumping System Max Theoretic Output (High/Low Pressure) (m3/h) 40
Max Theoretic Concrete Output (MPa) 10
Rated Working Pressure (MPa) 31.5
Distribution Valve S valve
Oil Cylinder Diameter x Stroke (mm) Ф180×1300
Hydraulic Oil Cooling Air cooling
Max. Aggregate Dimension (mm) 30
Max. Placing Height (m) 22
Horizontal Distance (m) 15.4
Slewing Angle (°) 200
Pipe Diameter (mm) 125
Min. Height of Opening Placing Boom (mm) 6500
Outrigger opening width (m) 5.5
Chassis and the Whole Machine Chassis Model WP4G110E220
Engine Power (kw) 82
Oil Tank Cubage (L) 400
Tail Gas Exhaust Standard China IV
Overall Dimensions (mm) 7500x2200x2920
Others Lubrication Mode Automatic lubrication
Oil Tank Volume (L) 370
Control Mode Manual + remote control
Maximum Water Pressure (Mpa) 0.7
Water Tank Volume (L) 500
Pipe Cleaning Mode Water cleaning/dry cleaning


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3 Common problems and solutions for blockage of concrete pumping equipemnt

1. Blockage at the outlet of the distribution valve
The discharge port is blocked. Usually, the pumping system is suddenly interrupted, and there is abnormal sound, the equipment has strong vibration, but there is no corresponding vibration in the pipeline.

Remedy: Pour cement slurry into the hopper, start the pump repeatedly in forward and reverse directions to force the passage to open. If this method is not working, you can only remove it manually, remove the connecting pipe and the debris in the valve.

2. Blockage at the feed inlet
The feed port is blocked. Usually, the pumping action and hydraulic system are normal. No abnormal sound and vibration, but there are large aggregates or agglomerates in the hopper, which are stuck or arched at the feed port.

Remedy: Run the pump in the reverse direction to destroy the agglomeration, return the concrete to the hopper and re-mix, and then pump forward. If it doesn’t work, it needs to be cleaned up manually and eliminated.

3. Concrete pipeline is blocked
When the conveying pressure gradually increases, but the hopper level does not drop, the pipe outlet does not discharge, the pump vibrates, and the pipeline is also accompanied by strong vibration and displacement, it can be determined that the pipeline is blocked.

Judgment of blockage: Blockage generally occurs in elbows, tapered pipes, and areas with vibration. At this time, you can use a small hammer to hit along the pipeline. Where you hear the harsh sounds or the dull sound, that is where the pipeline is blocked.


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Concrete Pumping Machine Price

According to the different models of different concrete conveying amounts, concrete pumps have different prices. Certainly, different brands adopt different technology and quality, their prices won’t be the same. As a professional manufacturer in this industry for decades, YG machinery can provide various models of high quality concrete pumps with highly competitive prices. Please feel free to click and get a quote, we will send you the best price and solve all your problems in time.