Working case of diamond wire sawing in Malaysia

Check here a working case of our hot sale YG Diamond Wire Saw Machine in Malaysia.

YG Wire Saw Cutting Machine for Sale

An essential tool for the construction industry in Malaysia, providing a safe, efficient, and precise method for cutting through reinforced concrete structures.

diamond wire saw for sale

Portable diamond wire saw price in Malaysia

Kanesh Kumar contracted Rail Transit Project in Kuala Lumpur. The objective of this project is to cut through reinforced concrete walls and bridges for the construction of the rail line. So he wanted to purchase a wire saw machine for concrete to improve work efficiency.

Kumar found the reliable wire saw cutting machine manufacturer in China – YG Machinery. And he left his requirements on our website. Our sales manager Nicolas called him to discuss the project. Nicolas recommended our hot sale stone wire saw for sale. After checking the details of the machine via videoconference, Kumar made a PO and he paid through Alibaba.

diamond wire saw cutting machine
diamond wire saw cutting machine

YG Diamond Wire Saw Machine

Driving Motor Power (kw)111518.52230455575
Flywheel’s Diameter(mm)5505506506508008008001000
Linear Wire Speed(m/s)0-400-400-400-400-400-400-400-40
Towable length of wire (m)10-2010-3010-3510-4020-5020-10020-12020-150
Feeding Power (kw)0.750.750.750.750.750.751.51.5
Sideways range (manual)(mm)200200450450450650
Rotation Angle (Degree celsius)360360360360360360360360
Machine Travelling speed (m/h)0-300-300-300-300-320-320-320-32
Length of Rail2m*32m*32m*32m*32m*32m*32m*32m*3
Power (AC V/Hz)380/50380/50380/50380/50380/50380/50380/50380/50
Working Temperature Range-15~40-15~40-15~40-15~40-15~40-15~40-15~40-15~40
Weight (Tons)0.350.370.

Features of YG Wire Saw

  • It can achieve various cutting of building concrete. It is a more suitable cutting construction equipment for cutting and demolishing concrete walls, bridges and pillars.
  • It can also achieve cutting operations of 30 meters to 50 meters underwater, with a deeper cutting depth than wall saws.
  • The machine can cut through thick concrete structures in densely populated areas, minimizing noise and vibration for surrounding residents.
  • The cutting construction can ensure that the cuts are straight and neat, without the need for complicated trimming, and can be cut on reinforced concrete, ceramics, and glass.
  • You can use remote control to operate it. Light weight. Small size.
wire saw for stone

What is the wire saw cutting machine price?

Diamond wire saw machines have many advantages, such as fast cutting speed, convenient operation, reduced labor costs, etc. However, the price of diamond wire saw machine is not low, so how much does the wire saw cutting machine cost?

In fact, there are many factors that affect the price of diamond wire saw machines. For example, Brand, motor, power.

If you are looking for a diamond wire sawing machine for your project, pls feel free to contact us.