Agriculture Water Canal Lining Machine | Trench Making Machine

A canal forming machine is also called a water canal making machine, canal slip forming machine, side ditch slip forming machine, and canal lining machine. The automatic canal machine is composed of the pump station, diesel engine, generator, and other components. It can improve the defect of no power supply in fieldwork. The canal lining machine can carry out concrete masonry and pouring canal work on site. Contact us to get the canal forming machine price here.

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U Ditch Lining Machine Advantages

  • Only 1-2 people need to operate the machine, saving labor costs and time.
  • The machine can pour more than 500m a day.
  • This machine is suitable for making kinds of canals, such as T-channel, U-shaped channels, rectangular canals, irrigation canals, highway side ditches, etc.
  • High construction efficiency and the strength of the formed concrete canal meet the standard.
  • The automatic canal forming machine is suitable for the construction of the canal side and ditch with an opening 0.3 m- 7m.

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U-shaped water canal lining machine
Rectangular canal water canal lining machine

Maintenance instructions for the concrete canal paver

  1. It often has good technical performance, which is the normal and reliable operation of each institution and improves its management indicators such as its integrity rate and utilization rate.
  2. It has good performance, strengthens the protection of the structural parts of the canal forming machine, keeps the connection firm, the electro-hydraulic components move and function normally, avoids abnormal vibration due to electromechanical factors, and meets the normal use requirements of the crane.
  3. Ensure the safe use of water conservancy and canal machinery.
  4. Comply with the relevant environmental protection standards stipulated by the state and departments.
  5. Reasonably and effectively prolong the service life of the crane. Through the maintenance of YG Machinery’s U-shaped groove forming machine, the repair interval of the crane or mechanism can be effectively extended, including the overhaul period, thereby prolonging the service life of the crane.
U Ditch Lining Machine | Canal lining machine
U Ditch Lining Machine | Canal lining machine

Canal Concrete Lining Machine Supplier

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