Industrial Peristaltic Pump

YG Industrial peristaltic pump is a new, multi-functional and multi-purpose industrial pump with advanced technology. The electric-powered hose pumps are ideal for use in industrial fluid transfer and metering applications. Moreover, it is mainly composed of a pump body, rotating frame, extrusion wheel, recovery wheel, reinforced hose, and drive system. Here, you can click the button below to get more details about this machine.

Industrial Peristaltic Pump | RGB Industrial Hose pump

Usually, you can use the Z series Industrial peristaltic pump for pumping liquid materials. To illustrate, it is suitable for long-distance transportation of viscous slurry in construction, mining, food, paper, ceramics, and other suitable fields, metering pumping, pressure injection (grouting), material transportation, spraying, etc.

Pressure (Mpa)10.8
Weight (kg)120190290510
Hose Size (mm)∅66*∅32*1030∅66*∅38*1150∅84*∅51*1400∅100*∅64*1750
Dimensions (mm)750*700*550900*700*6501000*900*8001400*1100*1100

Structure of Industrial Peristaltic Pump

Inside the pump body, there is a special rubber hose with a smooth inner wall and reliable strength. It is rotated and squeezed along the hose by a pair of pressure rollers. This rotation allows the medium to be transported in one direction without backflow. Besides, the hose is transporting the medium. Later, the hose is forced to return to its original shape by the elasticity of the squeezed hose and the force of the side guide roller. At this time, a high vacuum is generated in the hose to suck the medium into the lumen again, and then the medium is squeezed by the accompanying pressure roller. Then, Press down to discharge from the hose. Therefore, the medium is continuously sucked and discharged.

hose pump working principle
hose pump working principle

Working principle of Peristaltic Liquid Pump

The reinforced hose is arranged in a U-shape in the pump body. When the slewing frame drives the squeezing wheel to rotate, the hose is elastically deformed by the backlog of the squeezing wheel, forming a negative pressure at the suction port to suck the slurry and push the slurry through the squeezing wheel. Then, the material is discharged from the discharge port to form the pressure conveying of the slurry.

A transmission device drives the rotor to rotate. Then, you will find two pressure rollers installed on the rotor and distributed at 180° continuously roll along with the hose in the pump to flatten the hose. Under the force of its own elasticity and the guide roller, the tube returns to its original shape. At this time, a high vacuum is generated in the tube to suck the fluid material into the tube cavity, and the fluid entering the tube cavity is discharged from the tube under the action of the subsequent pressure roller. Such a cycle continues, and the material is continuously sucked and discharged. Contact us to get the Peristaltic Liquid Pump price here.

industrial peristaltic pump working
industrial peristaltic pump working

It completely gets rid of the traditional pump impeller and shaft. The sealed operating mode has great advantages for the transportation of media with high viscosity, high corrosivity, and large fluid impurities. Additionally, this equipment is a completely different principle from traditional pumps and has a wide range of applications.

Typical Uses of Industrial Peristaltic Pump:

You can use this pump for the chemical industry, to transport various anti-corrosion slurry and inorganic salt materials:

  1. Petroleum, drilling, water treatment, mud, and lime slurry.
  2. Filling materials and slurry transportation of mining and metallurgy.
  3. Food industry, oil materials, beverages, paste materials transportation.
  4. Paper industry, pulp, and sulfur transportation.
  5. The construction industry, cement mortar, foamed concrete production line, roof foam light fluid material; tunnel application, subway construction application, pumping pulp, food emulsion pumping, floor reinforcement construction, wall spraying mortar construction, pumping Mud, and other working conditions.
  6. Material transportation of paint, coating, titanium dioxide, carbon dioxide, and so on.

Advantages of Peristaltic Liquid Pump

  1. Easy to install, simple to operate, low maintenance cost.
  2. There are no impellers, vanes, or valves in the fluid pipeline, so the shear is low and the handling is gentle.
  3. Moreover, Scalable technology can meet different process requirements.
  4. LoadSure hose units are quick to maintain, also easy to install, and increase productivity.
  5. It can easily corrode fluids in the pump, high viscosity, high-density fluids, and paste fluids.
  6. The only part that you need to replace is the hose, which is not only inexpensive but also quickly replaceable on site.
  7. The movement of the pump is divided into the clockwise rotation without backflow and siphon phenomenon. And it has a shut-off valve function. In reverse, the fluid can be sent out and sucked back.
  8. All kinds of fibers and slurries delivered in the pump are a perfect choice for sheer sensitivity, abrasiveness, or gas-liquid-solid mixture, and the diameter of the material is greater than 4-6mm.
  9. Finally, the pumped fluid is proportional to the speed. It can accurately measure the fluid.

Peristaltic Pump Manufacturers

YG Machinery is of course one of the top peristaltic pump manufacturers in China. Also, our company has developed and researched in the manufacture of pumps for many years. We provide kinds of pumps, for instance, concrete mixer pump, concrete boom pump, hydraulic mortar pump, shotcrete machine, etc. In addition, YuGong Machinery can manufacture environmental equipment, for example, hydroseeding machines, fog cannon machines, etc.

How much is the peristaltic pump?

First of all, the industrial peristaltic pump price depends on the model chosen by the customer. According to the type of conveying material, viscosity, conveying height, conveying distance, conveying volume, and pressure, we have various models for customers to choose from. If you are not sure which peristaltic pump is more suitable for you, please do not hesitate to contact us, our professional technicians will recommend the most suitable model for you according to your needs.

Generally, the price list provided by YG Machinery is extremely competitive in the industry. So, please pay attention to the fact that we are the manufacturer and the factory, and we can guarantee the high quality and reasonable price of the products because there is no third party to join. Feel free to contact us for the latest price of peristaltic pumps, and you will get a quick reply.