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A Concrete sprayer machine is a useful tool that uses compressed air to make concrete become airflow in suspensions and spray it onto the coated surface in order to achieve the purpose of support.

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Concrete Spraying Machine Movable at Best price

The Shotcrete Machine is the main equipment for concrete construction. With the advantages of high mechanization, simple operation, high efficiency, YuGong Concrete Spraying Machine have become more and more widely used on various occasions, such as tunnels, highways, railways, water wells, rock slopes, coal mine shafts, etc.

As a TOP concrete spraying machine manufacturer, YG Machinery provides two types of concrete spraying machines: wet concrete spraying machine and dry concrete spraying machine. You can go to part 1 to learn about their differences.

Parameters of Wet Concrete Spray Machine

Max. conveying distanceHorizontal:30m
Vertical: 20m
Vertical: 20m
The applicable material water-cement ratio<0.4<0.4
Maximum particle diameter15mm15mm
Motor Power5.5kw7.5kw

Parameters of Dry Concrete Spray Machine

Maximum conveying distance200m200m200m
The applicable material water-cement ratio<0.4<0.4<0.4
Maximum bone fire particle size20m20m20m
Rotor body diameter350mm440mm480mm
Work pressure0.4-0.6mpa0.4-0.6mpa0.6-0.8mpa
Motor Power3kw5.5kw7.5kw
Size 1040*550*950mm130*705*1300mm1600*750*1200mm

Differences between wet et dry shotcrete machine

The wet concrete shotcrete machine is relative to the dry concrete sprayer machine. A Concrete wet sprayer machine is ideal for anchor spray construction. Here are the differences between the wet sprayer machine and the dry sprayer machine:

  1. Dry concrete spraying machine is a kind of concrete spraying technology commonly used at home and abroad. During the construction process of the dry spraying process, the dust is large, and water and water ash are added to the nozzle. Inaccurate control and insufficient cement splash affect the quality of concrete.
  2. A Wet concrete spraying machine can fundamentally solve the three major problems in the above sprayed concrete operation. The spraying dust concentration of the wet spraying machine is less than 8%, rebound rate is less than 10%, and the water-cement ratio is controlled accurately, which can make the cement fully water. The sprayed concrete has high strength.
  3. Compared with a dry concrete spraying machine, the wet concrete sprayer machine can greatly save cost, the wet spraying dust is small, and the workers’ health is guaranteed.
  4. The one-time spraying thickness of the wet shotcrete machine is easier to meet the requirements than that of a dry concrete spraying machine. The concrete density and surface flatness are reliably guaranteed, and the support quality is greatly improved.

More and more bolt shotcrete support projects have used wet shotcrete machines, with the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of the quality of shotcrete.

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Advantages of wet concrete sprayers machine with dry shotcrete machine

  • Good spraying effect: Dry sprayer spraying effect is not as good as that of wet spray machines;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Low DUST: Dry spray machines will produce a lot of dust, which will pollute the environment. We have been advocating environmental protection for several years. Moreover, the dust can also cause harm to workers’ bodies. PS: Therefore, if you want to use a dry spray machine, I advise buying a small fog cannon dust suppression;
  • Reliable technical performance;
  • In terms of cost, a dry concrete shotcrete machine requires more manpower than a wet concrete sprayer.

Hot sale: Hydraulic Wet Shotcrete Sprayer Machine

YG-90 Hydraulic Wet Spraying Machine is easier to meet the requirements than dry spraying for one-time spray thickness. Moreover, the concrete density and surface flatness are reliably guaranteed. In addition, it can be used for project construction such as shotcrete, filling, grouting, pumping, etc.

ModelYG-90 Hydraulic Wet Sprayer
Production capacity3-7 m³/h
System maximum pressure6.1MPa
Working wind pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
Maximum aggregate15mm
Machine weight2200kg
Main motor power22kW
Voltage class380V
Hopper volume0.3m³
Concrete slump12-18cm
Machine dust< 6mg/m³
Feeding height1.15m
Fuel tank volume145L
Rebound rate≤ 10%

Features of Hydraulic Wet Shotcrete Sprayer Machine

  1. Stable performance, few wearing parts, and low maintenance and use costs;
  2. You can adjust conveying volume as needed (switching swing times ≤ 16);
  3. PLC control, reliable work, long service life, and easy to operate;
  4. The shotcrete pulsation is small and the continuity is good;
  5. Also, the amount of accelerator added can be adjusted;
  6. Wire-controlled handle control, the operation is more convenient.

Working Principle

  1. Firstly, add mixed material to the spray machine.
  2. Then, the machine will send the concrete to discharge.
  3. After that, the air compressor will blow off the material and send the cement into the feed pipe.
  4. When the material arrived at the sprinkler, the system will add some water or liquid(when needed), and the concrete will be sprayed out through the nozzle.


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