Sanitary Pads Machine | Sanitary Napkin Making Machine

Sanitary Napkin/Pad is a necessity for girls and women. To protect women and Girls from Cervical Cancer and various other reproductive diseases. So the sanitary napkin/pad is a good profitable business if you get a high quality Sanitary Pads Machine. Buy the Sanitary Napkin (Sanitary Pad) Making Machine manufactured by YG Machinery.

If you are looking for a Sanitary Napkin Making Machine, you are right here. YG Machinery provides you with the high-quality full servo sanitary pad making machine for sale.

Working Case: Sanitary pad making machine for sale in South Africa

YG Sanitary Pads Making Machine For Sale

This Sanitary Napkin Pad Making Machine uses a full servo system. All the production process is controlled by the PLC system. With a touch screen, you can easily input the dimension of the products. Compact structure. Easy to operate. There is also a semi-automatic sanitary pad-making machine. But the high-speed full servo sanitary napkin machine has the best cost-efficient. With the same investment, the full servo pads making machine can produce more sanitary pads. Note: Before you buy the machine, please do research on the sanitary pads machine in your country. 

Machine details and Production Process:

  1. Core Forming: pulp roll stand, a hammer mill for pulp defibration, a forming drum for separated cores, transportation, and compression sections.
  2. Feeding section and glue coating of non-woven/ Perforated Film, the application of cuff elastics with spray gluing
  3. Polythene feeding section and glue coating on polythene
  4. The machine will assembly and make the sanitary pads, then the packaging machine will put the pads into the bag.

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Technical Parameters of Full servo Sanitary Napkin Making Machine

Below are the technical parameters of the full servo sanitary napkin pad making machine:

Capacity (million pieces/ year)90-240 million pieces
Designed Speed500pcs/min
Stable Speed450pcs/min
Passing rate≥ 97% (Not include the glue applicator, Auto Splicing)
Power Supply380v, 50HZ
Power Installed250KW include Glue filter
Power Used200KW
Electric wire3×120mm2+1×50mm2+1×25mm2
Compressed Air Supply0.6~0.8Mpa
Compressed Air Absorption4000 Nl/min
Machine Size24.0m× 3m× 3m(L× W× H )
Working Size28m× 6 ´3.5m  (L× W× H )
Machine Weightabout 40Tons  (whole production line)
Machine ColorConfirm with Customer
Machine DirectionFrom Right to Left   (can be designed as customer’s demand)
Containers4´ 40 HQ containers
Product SizeAs customer’s requirement
Product Typea.fluff core
b.ultra thin

Sanitary Napkin Raw Material

Typically, the raw materials of the sanitary pads are airlaid paper or wood pulp, Tissue with SAP, PE films, glues, and release papers. are used for making sanitary napkins.

sanitary pad raw material
sanitary pad raw material

Features of Sanitary Napkin Production Line

  1. Full servo high automation control
  2. Human-machine interface, PLC automatic control system
  3. The panel and main accessories are processed by CNC
  4. With an Automatic deviation correction system
  5. Automatic tension control
  6. This machine is equipped with an Automatically count and store production data
  7. Quality control, automatic waste rejection
  8. Designed according to CE standards and passed CE certification
hot sale sanitary napkin production line
full servo sanitary pads manufacturing machine

What is the cost of the pad making machine?

In general, FOB Price: 300,000 – 560,000 $. The price does not include transportation cost, packaging, taxes, etc.

In conclusion, Sanitary napkin manufacturing is a profitable business. If you are interested in the Sanitary pads business, you can contact us to get the sanitary pad-making machine price.

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