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Our client from Indonesia ordered 2 sets of wheel-type guardrail pile driver machines.

Working on-site in Indonesia

We can customize special-shaped highway guardrail pile drivers according to customer requirements. If you are looking for a powerful guardrail pile driver machine, please contact us.

Guardrail pile driver Highway guardrail drilling rig piling machine

There are two main types of road guardrail piling machines: one is a loader-type guardrail piling machine, and the other is a small four-wheel guardrail pile driver machine. But no matter what kind of piling machine it is, it can realize piling, pile pulling, or drilling functions.

guardrail piling machine Guardrail Pile Driver
wheel type Guardrail Pile Driver

The product has advanced performance, high work efficiency, and comfortable operation, key components adopt supporting accessories, which can adapt to harsh working environments, and is the ideal equipment for construction. The service life of the engine is long. The construction time is greatly lengthened. And the ability of field construction is strong.


ModelYG-926W Guardrail Drilling Machine
Engine model490
Rated power37kw
Rated speed2400r/min
Pile diameter120-260mm (Round and square posts)
Piling speedMax. 1500mm/min
Hydraulic operating valve pressure16MPa
Hammer frequency60-90Hz
Fuel consumption3.5L/h
Driving mode4×4
Driving speed30-35km/h
Tires4 wheels 20.5-16
Cooling methodDual fans air cooling
Brake systemDouble pump air brake
Dimensions (length X width X height)4200X2200X2200mm
Machine weight4500kg

The wheel-type road guardrail piling machine is suitable for piling, drilling, pile pulling, etc. This machine adopts a diesel engine with reasonable power and superior performance, which provides a strong source of power for construction operations. So the reliability of power and fuel economy have been greatly improved.

Scope of application

  • Drilling, piling, and pulling out of highway guardrail
  • Installation of screw piles in photovoltaic power plants
  • Pile driving on various other sites (such as farms, pastures, orchards, etc.)
  • Highway field engineering construction

Performance characteristics

guard rail post Fixing Piling Drilling machine

Powerful source of power for construction operations: YG Wheel Type Guardrail Pile Driver adopts a diesel engine with reasonable power and superior performance.

It adopts an advanced hydraulic system, high-quality hydraulic components, and a strict assembly process to ensure the high efficiency and durability of the hydraulic system

The overall frame structure of the Guardrail Pile Driver is excellent. The materials are completely national standard. With high strength and good stability, in line with the design idea of industrial aesthetics, the operator’s working space is more spacious.

Highway guardrail drilling rig
Highway guardrail drilling rig

The production process is more reasonable. And the wear-resistant parts are all heat-treated. The welding process is rigorous, and the overall stress relief treatment of frame welding reduces deformation. Moreover, the testing equipment is perfect.

What is the price of a Guardrail Pile Driver?

YG guardrail piling drilling machine is widely used in many construction projects. Such as highway, railway, construction, hydropower, port, and other construction projects. Are you looking for a guardrail pile driver machine for your project? Please leave your requirements here to request a free quote.

Reasons Affecting Abnormal Fuel Consumption of Guardrail Pile Driver

The pile driver has the advantages of small size, lightweight, simple operation, convenient construction, and relatively low cost. However, if the Guardrail Post Pile driver fails or is improperly operated, it will cause abnormal fuel consumption. What are the specific reasons?

  1. Check whether the valve oil seal is damaged, causing oil consumption.
  2. Observe whether the pile driver emits blue smoke, which is a distinctive feature of burning engine oil.
  3. Whether you have maintained it on time and whether it is a high-quality diesel filter element.
  4. Whether you use the high-quality diesel. If the quality of diesel oil is poor, it will cause serious carbon deposits in the cylinder, resulting in wear of the piston ring and cylinder barrel. If the gap is too large, the engine oil will be burned in the combustion chamber, resulting in oil consumption.
  5. Check whether the engine oil is excessively added.
  6. The poor sealing of the pile driver engine itself causes oil leakage.

The six points introduced above are about the reasons that affect the abnormal fuel consumption of pile drivers.

Operation matters of road guardrail piling machine

  1. After arriving at the site, check whether the column is not vertical. If it is not vertical, you can use the tilt cylinder (or diagonal stay) and the side screw.
  2. The longitudinal position of the chassis and the horizontal position of the column makes the column reach the calibrated position.
  3. Raise the hydraulic hammer to the top. Put the lower part of the steel pipe pile on the pile position. Align the upper part with the pile head of the lower part of the hydraulic hammer. Then, press the steel pipe pile, and open the hammer for piling. The pile head maintains pressure on the steel pipe pile until the steel pipe pile is driven to the specified size.
  4. Due to the poor working conditions of the machine and the large impact and vibration, the dynamics of each part should be observed at any time during operation. In case of abnormal noise or other abnormal phenomena, stop the machine at any time for inspection, and continue to use it after troubleshooting. If you find leakage of hydraulic joints or loosening of components, stop the machine and tighten them, and continue to use them after they are normal.

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