Polyurethane spraying machine

Polyurethane Spraying Machine for Sale

Polyurethane spraying machine is divided into two types: pneumatic and hydraulic.

The functions include timing quantitative pouring type and spraying type. Polyurethane spraying machines are suitable for the chemical industry, refrigeration, building exterior wall insulation, and other fields. The polyurethane spraying machine belongs to the airless high-pressure mixing type, high-pressure impact mixing, uniform mixing, fine atomization, and smooth surface after foaming.

Q30 Pneumatic Polyurethane Spray Machine Specifications

  • Power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V50HZ
  • Total power: 15.5KW
  • Heating power: 15KW
  • Drive mode: pneumatic
  • Air source: 0.5~1 MPa ≥1m3/min
  • Raw material output: 2~10 kg/min
  • Maximum output pressure: 28Mpa
  • AB material output ratio: 1:1

JNJX-H5600 Hydraulic Polyurea Spraying Machine

  • Power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V50HZ
  • Heating power: 20KW
  • Drive mode: Hydraulic
  • Air source: 0.5~0.8 MPa ≥0.5m3/min
  • Raw material output: 3~12 kg/min
  • Maximum output pressure: 24Mpa
  • AB material output ratio: 1:1

Polyurethane Insulation Machine

  • Power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V50HZ
  • Heating power: 9.5KW
  • Drive mode: pneumatic
  • Air source: 0.5~0.8 MPa ≥0.9m3/min
  • Raw material output: 2~12 kg/min
  • Maximum output pressure: 11Mpa
  • AB material output ratio: 1:1


This machine is mainly used for spraying:

Desalinated water tanks, water parks, sports stands, high-speed rail, viaducts, industrial and mining equipment, foam sculptures, valves, workshop floors, bulletproof clothing, armored vehicles, tanks, sewage pools, carriages, pipelines, ore washing equipment, exterior walls, interior Walls, roofs, cold storage, cabins, refrigerated trucks, tanks, etc.

And the equipment is mainly used for pouring:

Water heaters, water tanks, beer tanks, storage tanks, roadbed filling, etc.

Polyurethane Insulation Machine applications

Product features of polyurethane spraying machine equipment:

  1. It is integrated with spraying and pouring, and has a wide range of uses;
  2. You can adjust the feed ratio to suit a variety of production needs;
  3. Small size, lightweight, easy to move, suitable for on-site operation;
  4. The equipment is easy to operate. You do not need professional skills;
  5. Low failure rate, easy maintenance, saving more time;
  6. The mixing ratio of spraying and pouring is uniform, which greatly improves the product quality and saves more raw materials;
  7. The heating system adopts intelligent temperature control and indirect heating, which prevents the deterioration of raw materials due to uneven heating or local high temperature.
parts of Hydraulic pu foam spray machine

Polyurethane Foam Spray Machine Factory

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What is the Polyurethane Foam Spray Machine price?

The Hydraulic pu foam spray polyurethane insulation machine has a wide range of applications. The construction is convenient and fast. So construction efficiency is greatly improved. So how much is a high-pressure polyurethane spraying machine for building insulation and cold storage insulation construction? If you need to buy this machine, please contact us to get the Polyurethane spray foam insulation machine price here.