Aerial work platform | Hydraulic scissor lift for sale

You may see the aerial work platform when you are walking in your city. What is this equipment used for? How much is this Mobile Elevating Work Platform? In this guide, I will present to you all the information about the equipment.

Mobile Aerial work platform

Aerial work platform, also named hydraulic scissor lift, elevating work platform, is a product for high-altitude work, equipment installation, maintenance, and other mobile aerial work in various industries.


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Mobile Elevating Work Platform
Mobile Elevating Work Platform

Aerial work platform
platform for Aerial work | Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Technical parameters

Model Platform height Load Platform size Dimensions Lifting Motor Weight
PT0608SP 5.8m 230kg 1.67*0.74 1.86*0.76*1.84 24v/3.3kw 1580kg
PT0608SP 6m 450kg 2.27*1.12 2.48*1.19*1.66 24v/3.3kw 2170kg
PT0810NP 8m 230kg 2.27*0.81 2.48*0.83*1.99 24v/3.3kw 2260kg
PT0810NP 8m 450kg 2.27*1.12 2.48*1.19*1.78 24v/3.3kw 2360kg
PT1012 10m 320kg 2.27*1.12 2.48*1.19*1.91 24v/3.3kw 2640kg
PT1214 11.8m 320kg 2.27*1.12 2.48*1.19*2.03 24v/3.3kw 2980kg
PT1416 13.7m 230kg 2.64*1.12 2.85*1.25*2.105 24v/3.3kw 3600kg


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There are seven categories of aerial work platforms on market, such as scissor type, trailer type, articulated arm type , straight arm type aerial work platform, aluminum alloy type, cylinder type, and spider type aerial work platform.

Due to the wide variety of products and different model data, please consult customer service for detailed configuration parameters. Contact us to get a free quote.

Aerial work platform Advantages

The hydraulic scissor lift is special equipment for aerial work. The equipment is made with high-strength manganese steel giant tubes. The scissor-type mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have high stability. The wide working platform and high carrying capacity make the aerial work range larger and suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. It makes working at heights more efficient and safer.


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hydraulic lifting equipment
hydraulic lifting equipment

hydraulic scissor lift | work platform
hydraulic scissor lift | work platform


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