Pipe bending machine | CNC Steel pipe bender machines

Introduction: Steel pipe bending machine is forming equipment for all kinds of pipes, profiles, and bars. Where can I buy a fully automatic pipe bending machine?

Pipe Bending Machine for sale

Generally, Pipe bending machines can be divided into CNC pipe bending machines and hydraulic pipe bending machines. And it has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure, and simple operation.

Automatic steel pipe bending machine for square and round tube

Below are the parameters of the tube bending machine:

Steel pipe dia.(mm)385176
Pipe thickness(mm)22-3.544656
Bending angle Qty999
Max. angle180180180
Min. angle303030

Remark: You can choose the best suitable machine according to your requirements. If you want to know the machine price or need more help, please feel free to leave your requirements, our sales manager will contact you for services as soon as possible.

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Electric Tube Bender is mainly used for electric power construction, highway and railway construction, bridges, ships, steel furniture, etc. This device is suitable for bending and interacting with different shapes of hollow pipes and solid pipes of relatively hard materials, such as iron pipe bending, steel pipe bending, aluminum alloy pipe bending, etc. YuGong Steel Pipe Bending Machine has different sizes and models, and it is widely used in bending round, square, flat steel pipes. In addition, the maximum processing diameter is 76mm.

At present, there are many types of pipe benders in the market. According to different pipe bending operations, there are also different types of pipe benders. Therefore, when we consider what the pipe bender does, we must first understand which industries the pipe bender is applied to. At the same time, when choosing the pipe bending machine equipment, we should choose the suitable pipe bending machine equipment according to the characteristics of the construction work in our own industry.

Features of the Electric Steel & Aluminum Square Round Flat Tube Bending Machine

  1. Maintain stable machining accuracy and quality.
  2. Intelligent chip control, fast response, high sensitivity, intelligent control system can be set.
  3. Using the encoder to control the angle, the running angle is accurate, the repeatability is high, and the error is extremely small.
  4. This machine can bend various profiles such as oval tubes, square tubes, round tubes, square steel, and so on.
  5. High efficiency, superior performance, and low energy consumption.

How does a pipe bender machine work?

The pipe bender machine is rotated clockwise by the motor, and decelerated by the V-belt and clutch gearbox. And then the main output shaft on the gearbox drives the bending device to rotate to the designated position set by the numerical control program, and the motor automatically reverses. When the bending work device returns to the stop position, the numerical control program cuts off the circuit and the motor stops working.

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Tube Bender Machine Price

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In conclusion

That is all about the steel pipe bender machine. This equipment has a wide range of applications. Moreover, YG Machinery provides the best tube bender machine with high quality at the best price. Also, as a steel pipe bending manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with the best quality service and products.