Types and uses of steel pipes | Steel pipe specifications and sizes | How to choose steel pipes

Steel pipe is a very important building material in life. Whether it is transporting fluid and powdery solids, exchanging heat, manufacturing machinery parts and containers, manufacturing building structure grids, pillars, and mechanical supports, or in the production of home furniture. See steel pipes of various materials. What are the types of steel pipes? What are … Read more

What is steel mesh welding machine?

Do you know what is a wire mesh welding machine? How much is the machine? How to operate it? If you want to know more about steel wire mesh welding machines, then this article will help you.   What is an Automatic Tunnel Steel mesh welding machine? The Automatic Tunnel Steel Mesh Welder Machine is … Read more

What Types of Civil Construction machines are used in a Civil Engineering?

A civil engineer is a manager of projects like building different structures, for example, bridges, highways, and waterways. To get the job done, the industrial project requires construction equipment. But what types of civil construction machines are used in a CIVIL CONSTRUCTION? Here, we list types of common and heavy civil engineering equipment used for … Read more

What are the steel bar processing equipment in construction?

  Rebar Straightening Machine In order to facilitate transportation and storage, most of the steel bars that pass through the cold-rolled ribbed steel bar production line are bundled for storage. To be practically applied to production, they need to be straightened and cut. Since the hardness and thickness of the steel bars of the same … Read more

Hammer and olecranon scissors for sale in Puerto Rico

YG Hammer and Olecranon Scissor are sold to Puerto Rico. Hydraulic breakers     Hydraulic breakers are referred to as breakers or hammers. The power source of hydraulic breakers is the pressure provided by excavators, loaders, or pump stations. work efficiency. The principle of selecting a hydraulic breaker is to choose the most suitable hydraulic … Read more

Hydraulic pile driver for sale in Philippines | Working case

Summary: This Thursday, we received an order from a Philippine customer for one hydraulic pile hammer. So this article, we will introduce the working case and the pile driver for sale here.  In Europe in the 1970s, with the development of urban modernization and the gradual improvement of environmental protection regulations, diesel piling hammers, which … Read more

Plastic injection molding machine for sale

Summary: Three sets of YG-202W233Y-SX10 Two-color PVC boots injection molding machine sold to Italy. Contact us if you have any needs for the injection molding machine.   Request A Quote   YG-202W233Y-SX10 Two-color PVC boots injection molding machine is the equipment used for making PVC rain boots for adults/children and PVC safety rain boots (low … Read more

Hydraulic Rock Splitter Machine For Sale | Rock Splitting Machine

A concrete splitting machine (rock splitter) is a machine for splitting materials, which is mostly used in construction, decoration, engineering construction, and ore mining. On May 15, we received an inquiry about a rock splitter from Algeria. The customer would like more information on the hydraulic rock splitting equipment. So our sales manager Laxmi contacted … Read more

Sanitary pad making machine for sale in South Africa

Two weeks ago, we received an inquiry about the sanitary pads machine. Our sales manager Amanda contacted the customer as soon as she got the customer’s contact. According to the requirements in detail and the budget, Amanda presented the semi automatic sanitary pad making machine for the client. The customer is very satisfied with the … Read more