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In prestressed concrete structures, prestress is introduced by stretching steel wire and anchoring them against concrete. Anchorage refers to the anchorage installed at the end of the steel strand and can be tensioned, also known as prestressed anchorage (round anchor, flat anchor, P anchor). Contact us to get the anchor wire price list now.


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Application fields of Steel Strand Wire Anchors:

Widely used in highway bridges, railway bridges, water conservancy and hydropower dams, foundation pit support, slope support

China Anchor Supplier for Prestressed Concrete
China Anchor Supplier for Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed Wire Anchor Types

  1. Post-tensioning tendons anchorages: Install at either end of the tendon. Tendon Anchors can secure the cable tension and transfer the tension load to the concrete.
  2. Fixed-End (FE) anchors: Install at the ends of prestressed tendons. Fixed-End (FE) anchors are usually embedded in concrete and not used for tensioning. It is a single-point spring element that can be used to model anchors, struts, and other types of ‘flexible’ supports.
High Quality Prestressed Anchor with Competitive Price
High Quality Prestressed Anchor with Competitive Price


The most commonly used anchor set: operation anchor plate, operation clip, anchor plate, spiral reinforcement.

Anchor Technical Parameters

BM15 Flat Anchor Technical Parameters

Anchor plate Steel plate Spiral Tendon Corrugated pipe
M15B-2 79 48 50 160 80 150 300 130 90 50 19
M15B-3 112 48 50 200 90 190 300 170 90 60 19
M15B-4 145 48 50 240 90 235 300 210 90 70 19
M15B-5 178 48 50 270 92 270 350 240 90 90 19


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Construction Material Prestressed Flat Anchorage Anchor
Construction Material Prestressed Flat Anchorage Anchor

Prestressed Tension Device For Fixed-end P Anchorage Strand Group Anchor Technical Parameters

It is used to fix the end anchor installed at the other end of the steel strand. It is usually buried in concrete and does not require tension end anchors. The extrusion anchors are all single, also called P anchors.


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Fixed-end P Anchorage Spring Wedge and Nut
Fixed-end P Anchorage Spring Wedge and Nut


Post-tensioning tendons anchorages

AnchorageModel Anchorage Casting Plate(Round Type) Strand Number
Diameter(φD) Thickness(B) Diameter(C) Height(D)
M15-01 48 48 1
M15-02, 03 91 50 130 110 2, 3
M15-04 102 50 145 120 4
M15-05 112 50 160 130 5
M15-06 126 52 180 150 6
M15-07 126 52 180 150 7
M15-08 136 55 195 160 8
M15-09 146 55 208 160 9
M15-10 156 58 220 180 10
M15-11 166 58 235 190 11
M15-12 166 60 235 190 12
M15-13 170 63 235 190 13
M15-14 176 65 250 210 14
M15-15 186 68 265 245 15
M15-16 196 70 265 245 16
M15-17 196 73 275 265 17
M15-18 206 75 285 280 18
M15-19 206 75 285 280 19

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Spiral Tendon

Spiral bars are generally made of Q235 hot-rolled round steel, and their main function is to increase the contact area between the finished rolled steel bars and the entire concrete so that they can be solidified together more firmly. Different sizes can also be processed according to construction requirements.


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Stainless steel wedge anchors advantages

The prestressed anchor system has the following advantages:

  • The prestressed anchor system has a wide range of applications, and can anchor steel strands with a diameter of Φ9.5 to Φ21.6 with an anchoring strength of 1570MPa to 1960MPa, high-strength steel wires with a diameter of Φ4 to Φ10 with a level of 1570MPa to 1770MPa, and various diameters and Strength grade prestressed tendon anchors;
  • With a wide range of options, the prestressed anchor system is suitable for 1 to 55 steel strands and other prestressed tendons with different numbers. And YG Machinery can design and produce anchors of any type and specification according to the needs of customers;
  • Has good self-anchoring performance;
  • High static load anchoring performance, stable and reliable anchoring;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Has graded or repeated tensioning properties;
  • It does not have high requirements on the environment and has strong anti-interference performance.


What is the anchor wire price?

The price of the prestressed anchor is based on its quality, type, the material used, etc., which are all factors that affect its price. Therefore, when you want to buy the wire anchor, you should also choose the right prestressed anchor according to your own needs.


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China Prestressed Wire Anchor Manufacturer and Supplier

Henan Yugong Machinery is a comprehensive manufacturer specializing in prestressed anchorage clips and other prestressed tools. From production to delivery, the products have strict inspection systems, and the quality is guaranteed. The cooperative customers are located in many regions. A variety of products are available for different customer needs, and various sizes of anchors and clip products can be customized. If you want to buy the prestressed anchors, please leave your messages here to get the factory price.

Besides the prestressed anchors, we provide also the rebar machinery, such as Rebar Straightening And Cutting Machine, 3 Rolls / 4 Rolls Plate Rolling Machine, Wire mesh welding machine, etc.