How disposable diapers is made?

Disposable diapers, nappy, or feces, are a type of underwear for babies or adults. Because they can’t take care of themselves. Diapers allow a person to urinate without using the toilet. In addition, there are also adult diapers. For example, F1 racers wear diapers because they can not go to the toilet when they participate … Read more

Rebar straightening machine, Guatemala, Ø4mm~Ø14mm

YG rebar straightening machine has been sold to Guatemala! On April 15, a customer from Guatemala left an inquiry about the rebar straightener and cutter machine on our website. As soon as we got the messages, our sales manager Doris contacted him and confirmed the requirements, like rebar diameter, straightening rate, etc. Then she sent … Read more

Rebar straightening and cutting machine for sale in Turkey

Yep, YG-14 Rebar Straightening And Cutting Machine are sold and used in Turkey. Congratulations! Two months ago, we got an email from Ahmed, a turkey steel manufacturer. He wants to buy a Steel round bar straightening and cutting machine. Our sales manager contacted him and confirmed the requirements in detail. After that, we recommend an … Read more

Toilet paper machine

YG Toilet Paper Machine sold to Canada! YES!!! After more than one month of effort, we made it! One month ago, we received an inquiry about the toilet paper manufacturing machine from James, Canada. James wanted to start his toilet paper business. So he found us YG Machinery. Our sales manager Ann is so sympathetic. … Read more

Best hydroseeding machine 2022

There are many hydroseeder brands on the market. If you are looking for a hydroseeding machine and you don’t know how to select the right hydroseeding equipment, you can read this guide. In this article, I will show you the 4 best hydroseeder machines and compare their advantages, price, insufficient. Let’s start! Related posts: What … Read more

Wet wipes making machine for sale in the United States

Alexandre from the United States wants to start a new factory to produce disinfectant wet wipes. So he researched the mot wet wipes machine on Google. And he found YG Machinery. Then Alexandre left the inquiry for the wet wipes machine for sale. As soon as we received the message, our sales manager John contacted … Read more

Concrete pump for sale in United Kingdom

David from the United Kingdom needs to buy a concrete pump for his construction project. He searched the mot concrete pump on Google. And he found many concrete pump manufacturers. But he chose serval suppliers that he is satisfied with and left his inquiry. YG Machinery is on the list. Read also: 10 Tips that you … Read more

Thread rolling machine for sale in Mexico

A high speed automatic rebar thread rolling machine is exported in Mexico from prequalified supplier YG Machinery. The customer is very satisfied with the machine quality. Contact us to get the thread rolling machine for sale.   Related article: What is Thread Rolling?   Thread rolling machine for sale 10 November, we got the inquiry … Read more