Hydraulic Mortar Pump

What is the hydraulic mortar pump or grouting pump? YG 80 Hydraulic Mortar Pump is a piece of equipment used for pumping and injecting kinds of materials, such as cement slurry, yellow mud, water glass, oil, water, and other media. It is suitable for many construction sites. Read this article to learn more.

Hydraulic Mortar Pump: High Construction Efficiency

Hydraulic Mortar Pump is a machine that uses high pressure to inject easily-solidified substances or mixtures into the cracks and cavities of the rock layer or soil. And the material can be water, cement slurry, mortar, etc. By the way, the machine can be hitched onto a truck trailer to easily bring to site jobs.

hydraulic mortar pump
hydraulic mortar pump

It reduces water seepage and consolidates the rock layer and soil. The machine is widely used in tunnel excavation and maintenance, mine engineering, construction of dams, large bridges, and high-rise buildings, as well as mortar transportation. It can also be used as a clean water machine, sewage machine, or mud machine.

YG Hydraulic Mortar Pumps have different outputs, from 2cbm to 20cbm, with the best technical performance and quality.

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Technical Parameters

ModelYGSJ200 (80/110)YGSJ180(80/80)
Discharge volume (m³/h)4441844354
Pressure (MPa)0-80-8
Motor power (KW)1511
Noise power level db(A)110110
Outlet diameter (mm)3838
Diameter of suction port (mm)7564
Diameter of material cylinder (mm)11080
Number of cylinders22
Particle size (mm)<5<5
Suction height (m)22
Fuel tank volume (L)7050
Dimensions (mm)1900×900×16401860×900×1540
Weight (kg)550530

Features of Mortar PumpYG Machinery®

Hydraulic Mortar Pump has the following two significant features:

  • Double-cylinder for double-acting, the piston reciprocates once to realize the suction and discharge of two liquids.
  • Hydraulic drive, piston regulated, with mature technology and stability
  • High delivery pressure, heavy flow, and high efficiency
  • Continuously regulate the output speed, with small pulsation
  • A low request of labor intensity with an operator
  • Can be applied to workplaces with special requirements (explosion-proof).

What is the YG Mortar pump used for?

YG Hydraulic Mortar Pump can be used for:

  • Grouting for tunnels and coal mine roadways
  • Plugging grouting for bridge piers
  • Grouting for anchor rods

The biggest advantage can be used to inject mortar and quick-setting agent (glass water) at the same time, and can also be used for the transportation of cement mortar on the roof and the floor of the house. It can be said to be a professional tool for supporting grouting. YG Mortar pump is a kind of pump that can adapt to various working conditions, such as transporting acid, alkaline clear liquid or slurry; various corrosive slurries in the smelting industry; various dilute acids in the sulfuric acid industry; various sewage in the environmental protection industry, etc. The pump is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant and has a wide range of applications.

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mortar pump
mortar pump

Hydraulic grouting pump

YG-80 Hydraulic Grouting Pump is a piece of equipment used for pumping and pressure grouting of cement slurry, yellow mud, water glass, oil and water, and other media. The machine can pump one or two materials at the same time. It is suitable for various construction projects, municipal projects, tunnel projects, mines, petroleum, etc.


Model (oil cylinder diameter/material cylinder diameter)80/8080/110
Diameter of material cylinder (mm)80110
Motor power (KW)7.511151115
(Matching) gear pump modelCB-FC40  CB-FC50 
Gear pump displacement ml/r /pressure MPa40 /16  50/16 
Discharge volume (m³/h)4~54~54~55~75~7
Outlet pressure (MPa)0~50~80~100~40~4
Noise power level (dB(A))110110110110110
Outlet diameter (mm)3232323232
Diameter of suction port (mm)3838383838
Number of cylinders22222
Conveying distance (m)(vertical/horizontal)80/200100/300100/300100/500120/600
Particle size (mm)≤5≤5≤5≤5≤5
Suction height (m)22222
Dimensions (mm)1700×900×1000
Fuel tank capacity (L)4545454545
Weight (Kg)480500520530550

Features & Advantages

  1. The double cylinder with two different functions: the piston reciprocates once can perform suction and discharge of two liquids
  2. Equipped with a hydraulic system, reliable work, high pumping pressure.
  3. This hydraulic mortar pump has a compact structure, it is suitable for implementation in a small space. The unique mechanical reversing mechanism makes it also be used in special workplaces.
  4. Explosion-proof function.
hydraulic grouting pump for sale
hydraulic grouting pump for sale

Mortar Pump Manufacturer & Supplier

Henan YuGong Machinery, also called YG Machinery, is a machine manufacturer dedicated to developing long-term customers. In order to achieve this goal, we always put the control of product quality and the provision of high-quality services in the first place. Before the sale, professional customer service will recommend the machine model that best suits your work needs and budget for you to choose. If you have any questions about the machine, you will get detailed and clear answers. Regarding installation and after-sales service, we have dedicated technicians and sufficient spare parts. The most important thing is that we have an attitude of being responsible for the products. The trust and support of our customers in the past came from this. If you are interested in YG Hydraulic Mortar Pump, please contact us, you will get the products and services you want.

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