3 ton spider crane for sale in Netherlands

3 Ton Spider Crane for Sale in Netherlands

Our customer from the Netherlands purchased a 3 Ton Spider Crane. Check here the 3 ton spider crane for sale price.

Mini Spider Crane for Sale

The spider crane has a miniature design, small size, and strong lifting capacity.

Commonly used models: 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons.

We support device configuration and model customization.

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3t spider crane or sale

Parameters of 3 ton spider crane

Maximum working radius8.83m×0.2t
The maximum ground height9.2mX0.7t
Hoisting deviceHook lifting speed0-8m/min (4 ropes)
Wire rope specificationΦ8mm×45m
Telescopic deviceBoom form5-section boom, U-shaped structure
Boom length/time3.1m-9.2m/20sec
Heave deviceBoom angle/time0-78°/13sec
Rotary deviceRotation angle/speed0-360° (continuous)/60sec
OutriggerAction form of outriggerManual rotation + hydraulic automatic support (two-section leg)
Maximum extension (mm)4530 (length) X4370 (rear) X3700 (front)
Traveling deviceTraveling modeHydraulic motor drive, two speeds
Walking speed0-2.5km/h
Climbing ability25°(36%)
Motor voltageAC380V
EngineManufacturerYanmar(EPA/Euro 5)
Operating systemType of operation(boom/outrigger), manual walkingManual operation, manual walking (remote control is optional)
Operating characteristicsManual operation (optional remote control)
Standard configurationDiesel engine and electric motor (dual power)
DimensionLength, width, height length 2.98 meters width 0.8 meters height 1.5 meters
Track230 (width) 72 (pitch) 50 (section)
Optional optionaltorque controller
We can customize the mini spider crane according to your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



  1. The spider crane is small in size, powerful, and has a high level of safety.
  2. The spider crane can complete the glass installation work more efficiently.
  3. The small and compact body design of the spider crane means that it can work indoors or in areas with limited space. The compact body of the spider crane can easily enter the construction site and reduce the cost of use.
  4. The spider crane is small in size and easy to transport. It has a wide range of curtain wall construction. It can be used for vertical transportation and hoisting. The lifting capacity is generally 3 tons to 8 tons, which can meet most of the hoisting needs of the construction site.
  5. In some places, ordinary cranes cannot enter, and ordinary cranes cannot operate on the roof, indoors, shopping malls or densely populated places, but the micro spider crane can easily complete the work.
  6. Spider cranes are used for hoisting construction materials at airports, railway stations, dam construction sites, etc. With their flexibility and convenience in narrow spaces, you can use spider cranes in many municipal construction operations. The spider crane has helped construction workers solve a lot of troubles.

Mini crawler crane for sale-Multipurpose

Working on site

mini crawler crane working on site

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