Hydroseeding Machine

Hydroseeding machine plays a great role in slope greening projects. What are the effects and advantages of spraying machines? View the introduction below.

Hydroseeding equipment for sale

The hydroseeding machine is a kind of side slope greening and grass planting equipment, which mixes grass seeds for greening with soil, turf soil, water-retaining agent, binder, fertilizer, etc., in a tank with water to form a colloidal mixed slurry. The mud pump sprays it on the ground to be planted. Since the mixed slurry contains water-retaining materials and various nutrients, it ensures the source of water and other nutrients required for plant growth, so the plants can grow healthily and rapidly to form turf.

People also ask:

Technical Parameters





Stirring power




Output power




Tank volume




Spraying area of a single tank 




Spraying distance(H)




Spraying distance(V)




Pipe head(H)




Pipe head(V)













  1. According to different proportions of conveyed materials, the conveying distance is quite different.
  2. The suggested proportion of ingredients: water: soil: rice husk and other spraying base material = 1:0.5-1.5:0.5 (the proportion of soil is measured on the basis of sand and soil, and the proportion of clay needs to be appropriately reduced according to the specific situation).

Advantages Compared to Normal Hydroseeders

YG Machinery focuses on the manufacture and sales of hydraulic hydroseeding machines. Compared with normal hydroseeders for sale, the YG Hydroseeding machine has these advantages:

  1. The working efficiency is quite high, and the daily spraying area is 3-5 times that of the dry spraying hydroseeder.
  2. The vehicle-mounted hydroseeding machine is easy to move, especially suitable for medium and low slopes and relatively dispersed slopes.
  3. The operation is more convenient, the whole machine is operated independently, and it is convenient to use.

Features of the YG Hydroseeding Machine

  1. Hydroseeding technology is not restricted by zones and regions and has a wide range of applications.
  2. Outstanding greening effect. Because it is equipped with a certain proportion and quantity of mulch, adhesive, seeds, etc., and has been stirred and mixed in the tank, it can form a very uniform film-like structure on the soil surface after spraying, which can effectively prevent Rainwater washes away and avoids seed loss, so the established vegetation is uniform and tidy, and the effect is good. This is especially important for the greening of highways, railway subgrade slopes, and rivers and lakes.
  3. Shorten the process of vegetation establishment. With water as the carrier and solvent, sowing, fertilizing, and covering can be completed in one operation, achieving the effect of three times in traditional sowing methods, greatly shortening the process of vegetation establishment, and saving a lot of manpower and financial resources.
  4. It has solved the problem of difficult planting on high and steep slopes. This technology uses high-pressure equipment, which can spray the equipped spraying materials onto slopes of tens of meters or even hundreds of meters, which is unmatched by manual seeding or conventional seeder seeding.
  5. The spraying speed of the hydroseeding machine is fast, it can be sprayed on a large area, the survival time is short, and it basically covers about 2 months. Artificial turf generally takes more than one year to cover, and large-area turf is difficult and slow, and the effect is not as good as spraying. It is not restricted by the terrain and soil conditions, and the soil spraying technology can be used for complex soil, uneven soil, and steep slope.

Hydroseeder Cost

Different models of hydroseeders have different prices. The most important thing is to choose the most suitable model according to actual work needs and site conditions to determine the final cost.

Only the right model can exert the highest utility of the hydroseeder, and achieve the effect of saving money, time, and labor. To choose the right model, we need to consider two aspects:

  1. Select the model according to the type of slope: the height and slope of the slope are important factors that affect the selection. The greater the height and slope, the greater the power of the corresponding matching engine. The greater the power, the higher the price.
  2. Choose according to the thickness of the spray seeding: Generally, when the spray seeding requires 5-10 cm, and it is necessary to use the guest soil spray and seeding machine; spraying and seeding for 1-2 cm can choose the hydraulic hydroseeding machine (Hydroseeding machine of YG Machinery can spray a certain concentration of mud). Generally speaking, the price of the guest soil sprayer is higher than the price of the hydraulic sprayer.

Things to Mention When You’re Using

The construction of the spray planter requires the addition of different materials, such as soil, water, adhesives, water-retaining agents, compound fertilizers, grass fibers, turf soil, peat soil, rice husk, sawdust, paper pulp, chicken manure, and other materials.

First, you need to add enough water to the tank. Generally, add about two-thirds of the tank. Do not fill it up. Then turn on the stirring device and add grass charcoal soil, binder, water-retaining agent, and fertilizer in sequence, and adjust according to the viscosity of the material. The ratio of water to the soil, of which there is only one material such as grass fiber, turf soil, peat soil, rice husk, sawdust, paper pulp, etc. It is better to obtain materials conveniently at the construction site. Fertilizer chicken manure will be good, if not, add a small amount of compound fertilizer. Stir the mixture of the above materials for about ten minutes, and spray it out after being uniform.

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