Small Concrete Pump For Sale

Concrete Mixer Pump VS Concrete Delivery Pump
Concrete Mixer Pump VS Concrete Delivery Pump

Efficiency and productivity are crucial factors that can make or break a project’s success. With significant benefits, the small concrete pump for sale becomes a good assistant for construction projects. Looking for a mini trailer diesel concrete pump? Buy here the hot sale shotcrete pump.

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Max Theoretical Concrete Output6m³/h12m³/h15-18m³/h20-22m³/h
Max Concrete outlet Pressure10Mpa/15Mpa15Mpa/18Mpa15Mpa/18Mpa23Mpa
Aggregate Size5-15mm5-20mm≤20mm≤20mm
Hose DiameterΦ80mmΦ80mmΦ80mm(100mm)Φ100mm(80mm)
Max Theoretical Conveying Distance (Horizontal Distance/vertical Height)50m/20m80m/40m160m/80m260m/120m
Overall Dimension(mm)1800×700×11003400×1200×16003800×1500×16004000×1500×1550
Total Weight600kg1600kg2200kg2400kg
trailer-mounted concrete pump
trailer-mounted concrete pump

What a small concrete pump is?

The concrete delivery pump is a special machine for transporting concrete and performing on-site concrete pouring. It is equipped with special pipes and can transport concrete along the pipes to the pouring site.

Various construction projects where small concrete pumps are commonly used

The small concrete pumps can handle different types of concrete placements, such as foundations, slabs, walls, and hard-to-reach areas, etc.

Why Should You Invest In A Concrete Trailer Pump For Sale?

Small concrete pumps will definetely save your money and time. It can deliver concrete directly to the desired location with precision and control. The construction process will be faster and more efficient.

With this small concrete pumps, you can deliver the concrete to tight areas and reach difficult-to-access locations, including upper floors or areas with limited entry points.

The mini concrete pumping machine offers a precise and controlled delivery of concrete, which can reduce material wastage.

Working Cases – Trailer concrete pumps for sale

Factors to Consider When Purchasing

Pumping capacity, power source (electric or diesel), maximum pumping distance, and maximum aggregate size.

YG Machinery will recommend you the suitable concrete pump machine according to your requirements. Please leave your inquiry now to get the best mini concrete pump machine price.

What is the price of the small concrete pump for sale?

The price depends on the capacity, type, brand, and additional features.


Small concrete pumps are versatile tools that find applications in various construction projects. They offers numerous advantages, including increased efficiency, ease of access, versatility, cost-effectiveness, improved quality, and enhanced safety. Invest now a small concrete pump.