How to choose a Concrete pump?

There are more and more concrete pump products from different manufacturers and models. How to identify its performance? From which aspect can we choose a concrete pump with high quality, low price, and excellent performance?

How to choose concrete pump?

Points to pay attention to when purchasing a fine stone concrete pump:

First, Your construction object, if it is pouring a high-rise building, depends on the height of the building, and choose a suitable fine stone concrete pump. Be sure to ask the manufacturer how many meters the vertical height of the pump is.

Second, it depends on your working environment. If it is in the field, where there is no power supply, it is best to use a diesel fine stone concrete pump. If there is a power supply, it is more affordable to choose an electric pump.

Third, look at the pump system, after-sales service, etc.

Fourth, look at the price and cost performance.

To sum up, when purchasing a concrete pump, you must not only choose the brand, performance, and component grade but also the R&D strength and production history of the manufacturer, as well as the after-sales service level and the cost-effectiveness of the product.

YG-30 Concrete Pump

  • Delivery capacity: 30 m3/h
  • Outlet pressure: 110 Mpa.
  • Maximum aggregate diameter <30
  • Motor power: 55 kW
  • Maximum theoretical conveying distance: Horizontal 100-150m; Vertical 30-40m
  • Feeding height: 1200mm
concrete construction mixer pump machine

Concrete Mixer Pump

  • Max Theoretical Concrete Output: 30/23m³/h
  • Max Concrete outlet Pressure: 9Mpa
  • Aggregate Size: ≤30mm
  • Diesel Engine Power: 66kw
concrete mixer pump for sale

Concrete Pump Price

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