Concrete line pump

Concrete line pumps are one of the popular concrete pump trucks to deliver concrete. The line pump is very simple and is made of a long hose that is attached to a stationary pump on a mounted trailer or truck. Click the button below to get the latest concrete pump price.

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14m concrete pump truck
14m concrete pump truck


YG 14M Concrete line pump for sale

YG 14M Boom type concrete pump truck is a perfect line pump for urban environments. Concrete line pumping is usually used to perform concrete pumping jobs. It is composed of a long hose pipe, pumping system, placing system, chassis, washing system, lubrication system, cooling system, etc. The concrete boom truck can do the same time concrete pumping and placing work. Here are the concrete boom pump parameters:

Model YG 14m Line Pump
Pumping System Max Theoretic Output (High/Low Pressure) (m3/h) 40
Max Theoretic Concrete Output (MPa) 10
Rated Working Pressure (MPa) 31.5
Distribution Valve S valve
Oil Cylinder Diameter x Stroke (mm) Ф180×1300
Hydraulic Oil Cooling Air cooling
Max. Aggregate Dimension (mm) 30
Max. Placing Height (m) 22
Horizontal Distance (m) 15.4
Slewing Angle (°) 200
Pipe Diameter (mm) 125
Min. Height of Opening Placing Boom (mm) 6500
Outrigger opening width (m) 5.5
Chassis and the Whole Machine Chassis Model WP4G110E220
Engine Power (kW) 82
Oil Tank Cubage (L) 400
Tail Gas Exhaust Standard China IV
Overall Dimensions (mm) 7500x2200x2920
Others Lubrication Mode Automatic lubrication
Oil Tank Volume (L) 370
Control Mode Manual + remote control
Maximum Water Pressure (Mpa) 0.7
Water Tank Volume (L) 500
Pipe Cleaning Mode Water cleaning/dry cleaning
14m concrete boom pump
14m concrete boom pump

Advantages and Features of Line Pump for Sale

YG 14m High-Quality Concrete Line Pump has many advantages.

  • The concrete ground line pump can transport concrete quickly and with no mess.
  • The design of the hopper and S valve and so on adopt I-DEAS software to calculate, the hopper and S valve have good rigidity to avoid the phenomenon of hopper distortion and S valve breakage.
  • Large valve changing direction, makes the main pumping loop quick response, small leakage, good stability, high reliability and high resist contaminative capability.
  • The hydraulic system has safe relief protection, at the same time when the system pressure is over, the main oil pump cutting device makes itself protected reliably.
  • The radiator equipment makes the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system below 70℃ and makes the machine in normal status.
14m mini concrete boom pump for sale
14m mini concrete boom pump for sale

Concrete boom pump Applications

This concrete boom pump or line pump is used for a large-scale project with a lot of concrete pumping jobs.

  1. Apartment building Construction
  2. Infrastructure.
  3. Construction site (like bridges or other structures)
  4. Repaving a driveway
  5. Building a swimming pool
  6. Or other smaller-scale construction sites.

Working principle

When the roller is used to squeeze the rubber tube, the rubber tube has the ability to suck people and output concrete, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying.

The piston has a rod cavity and a rodless cavity in the cylinder. There are various sealing rings on the piston to achieve the sealing of the two cavities. After the hydraulic oil enters the rodless cavity or the rod cavity, the piston is pushed to reciprocate, and then realizes the reciprocating movement of the piston rod. In this way, the unfolding and folding of the boom of the pump truck are realized.

14m concrete line pump for sale
14m concrete line pump for sale

Frequently asked questions

How much is a Concrete line pump?

It costs about $18,500 for entry-level pumps, but for volume pumps with greater pressure, the price increase up to about $65,000 or higher. Remark: The labor costs are lower, one worker can operate these pumps because the pumps include typically a remote control for regulating the concrete delivery.

Concrete boom pump VS. Concrete Line Pump

The concrete boom pump is suitable for a larger project or a commercial project. It can spit out over 150 cubic yards of concrete per hour. In contrast, the concrete line pump is usually used to deliver the concrete for a smaller commercial jobs or a residential job. It is more flexible to move but the concrete does not pour as fast. As for the cost, of course, the concrete boom pump is much more expensive than line pumps. In summary, the concrete line pump is a better choice and sufficient for the needs of a smaller project.


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