Articulating Boom Lift Electric for Sale Price in the UAE

The municipal departments from UAE ordered 2 sets of aerial platform lift from YG Machinery. Electric Articulating Boom Lift and a scissor lift aerial work platform. They use the articulating boom lifts for power line maintenance work in certain cases.

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YG Boom lift’s ability to articulate and reach high, inaccessible areas has greatly enhanced our productivity and efficiency on the job. We have been using the articulating boom lift for various maintenance and construction tasks, and we are extremely satisfied with its performance and versatility.


Technical Paramters

Maximum working height12m
Maximum platform height10m
Maximum horizontal extension5.8m
Maximum span height4.78m
Maximum carrying capacity200kg
Minimum turning radius2.16m
Running speed (km/h)decline3km/h
Closing length4.35m
Car closing width1.5m
Closing height1.99m
Platform size (length × width × height)1.1m×0.65×1.13m
Turntable rotation355°
Platform rotation120°
Ground clearance0.15m
Drive wheel size0.59*0.19/0.66*0.17m
Gross weight4700kg
Control voltage24V
Battery48/320 V/Ah
Charger48/40 V/A
Hydraulic tank volume40 L

Aerial Platform Lift Articulating Boom Lift Electric for Sale Price

The articulating arm aerial work platform is designed with a multi-stage folding arm combination, which is flexible and convenient. It can overcome certain obstacles and perform multi-point operations by lifting and lowering in one place. Good security, easy to move. It is suitable for high-altitude working scenarios such as high-rise buildings, bridges, power lines, etc.

What are the advantages of articulating boom aerial platform lift?

  1. The clear and vivid operating signs of the self-propelled articulating arm aerial work vehicle improve the convenience of operation and effectively prevent misoperation.
  2. It has a small turning radius and strong and flexible maneuverability.
  3. With its light weight and small size, a single person can move to the working point easily and flexibly.
  4. It has a telescopic arm, which can be used for hanging operations, crossing certain obstacles or lifting and lowering in one place for multi-point operations.
  5. The swing-out engine tray makes subsequent service more convenient and faster.
  6. The operation box and operation panel are stronger, lighter and have improved waterproof performance.
  7. Fully enclosed clue design to avoid accidents and expensive clue replacement.
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Why the hydraulic work platform is more and more popular?

Take the cleaning work of a fifty-meter-long, ten-meter-high facade as example, if we use the electric scissor aerial lift platform, it takes 2 workers 95 hours to complete the job; if we use the scaffold, it takes 5 workers 130 hours or more to complete the job.

It can be seen from this that, Aerial work platforms are not only safer, smarter and more environmentally friendly, they also save manpower and material resources to a certain extent, thus improving the efficiency of high-altitude operations.

How to choose the suitable aerial platform lift for your project?

  1. When you are choosing the aerial platform lif, you should not only focus on the price, but also the reputation of the manufacturer.
  2. There are various types of aerial work platforms, including articular arm, straight arm, towed, spider, scissor, etc. If you want to purchase lifting equipment, you need to consider which aerial work platform can meet your needs and whether they could be used more.
  3. The operation guide. Because this machine has a certain risk when using, so it is better to choose the manufacturer who will provide complete technical information, including user guide, instructions for use, etc.

At the end

Henan Yugong Machinery has manufactured the aerial platform lift for many years. Our lifting tools have been exported to many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Allemand, Netherlands, Greece, etc. If you are looking for these aerial platforms for sale, please feel free to leave your inquiry now.