Articulating boom lift electric price in Greece

Do I need to buy a boom lift platform? Or I should rent an articulating boom lift? What is the aerial work platform price? Maybe you will find the answer here.

Electric Articulating Boom Lift

Rated load: 180kg

Maximum working height: 18m

Working case in Greece

Mr. George has a construction company in greece. They need sometimes elevated work platform to complete work at height. Before, they usually like to rent a aerial boom lift from the aerial work platform companies nearby. But as work demands become more and more, renting is no more cost-effective. That is why they bought the articulating boom lift electric from YG Machinery.

The YG Articulating boom lift is a versatile and essential piece of equipment for our construction company. They allow us to safely and efficiently access difficult-to-reach areas, which saves us time and money.

Mr. George, Construction Manager

YG Electric Articulating Boom Lift for Sale

Articulated arm aerial work vehicles are widely used in installation, maintenance and aerial work in municipal administration, electric power, street lights, advertising, communications, photography, gardens, transportation, docks, airports and ports, large industrial and mining enterprises and other industries.

  • GE/CE standards
  • Pure battery power, silent, long battery life
  • Especially suitable for indoor construction work
  • Intelligent display screen displays fault and status information
  • 1-year warranty
articulating boom lift


Maximum platform height15.7m
Maximum working height17.7m
maximum horizontal extension9.3m
Maximum span height7.8m
A length-folded state6.8m
B width-folded state1.9m
C height-folded state2m
D wheelbase1.9m
Ground clearance0.22m
Platform size (length x width x height)1.45mx0.85mx11m
Rated load (unlimited/2 people and tools)230kg
Turntable rotation355
Platform rotation160
Maximum driving speed-stowed state5.2km/h
Maximum driving speed – lifted state0.8km/h
inner turning radius0.7m
outer turning radius3.31m
Turntable tail sweep50mm
Allowable inclination angle during work59
Drive X steering2WDx2WS
Tire size/type240/55D17.5 foam tire
Battery specifications8x6V, 420Ah
control voltage12VDC
Hydraulic tank volume40L
Total Weight7300kg


  • Able to adapt to specific operating environments, that is, able to work in humid, corrosive, dusty, high-temperature, and low-temperature environments.
  • The machine has an automatic walking function and can walk quickly or slowly under different working conditions.
  • The boom head, cylinder piston rod, etc. are equipped with dust-proof and sand-proof devices.

Types of articulating boom aerial platform

Articulating arm lifts include:

  1. Diesel self-propelled articulating work platform
  2. Trailer type elevated articulating work platform
  3. Hand-pulled type small articulating boom lift
  4. Electric work platform
  5. Vehicle-mounted type aerial lift
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Safety Tips for using the Articulating Boom Lift

  • Ensure that the lift is properly balanced before extending the boom.
  • Do not overload the lift.
  • Be aware of overhead power lines and other obstructions.
  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a hard hat, safety glasses, and gloves.