Mini excavator machine for sale in the Phillipines

The mini excavator machine for sale made by YG Machinery. Contact us to get the mini excavator price.

Small Digger for Sale

The development of small excavators mainly depends on the development of urban construction. Due to a large number of urban reconstructions and construction, it requires that the construction time is short, the construction machinery has little impact on the surrounding environment, safety, has low pollution, small radius of gyration, easy transportation, and has the characteristics of the Coordinated exterior with cityscapes and more.

1.2 ton Mini Excavator Parameters

Engine modelYanmar 3TNV70
Bucket capacity0.048m3
Radius of gyration1580mm
Chassis width990~1250mm
Crawler width230mm
Maximum excavation height3275mm
Maximum excavation depth2150mm
Max loading height2310mm
Bulldozer lift height275mm
Maximum ground excavation radius3610mm
The total length of the track1590mm
Vertical excavation height1740mm
Track height320mm

Mini Excavator Machine Component

The excavator is mainly composed of an engine, transmission system, driving system, braking system, working device, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.

Working principle

The chemical energy of diesel is converted into mechanical energy through the diesel engine. And the mechanical energy is converted into hydraulic energy by the hydraulic plunger pump. The hydraulic energy is distributed to each actuator (hydraulic cylinder, rotary motor + reducer, travel motor + reducer) through the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic energy is converted into mechanical energy by each actuator to realize the movement of the working device and the rotation of the rotary platform Movement, walking movement of the whole machine.

Working video

How to choose a mini digger machine?

How to choose a small excavator correctly is determined by many factors, such as the nature of the construction task, scale, technology, economy, matching equipment in the construction project, and construction time requirements.

The following factors are very important:

  • Good mechanical performance
  • Reliability and durability
  • Short payback period
  • Comfort and safety.

In addition, good after-sales service can reduce user downtime and improve economic benefits. Of course, the supply of accessories and the price are important factors that must be considered when purchasing equipment.

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What is the price of a Mini Excavator Machine?

Are you looking for a small excavator for your garden or farm? Please leave your requirements, such as the tonnage, excavator depth, engine requirements, cockpit, boom side swing, chassis telescopic, etc. Our sales manager will contact you and recommend a suitable model for you.

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