Mortar spraying machine for sale

The exterior wall mortar spraying machine is a good helper for decoration workers. In modern home decoration, the construction quality of exterior wall insulation mortar is directly related to the construction insulation effect of the exterior wall of the building.

8HP Powerful diesel cement mortar spray plaster machine For Sale

In current construction projects, spraying machine is very commonly used, with simple construction, compact structure, convenient movement, easy maintenance, long service life, and easy cleaning. In the process of construction, it can be directly laid on the rough wall body. The construction method is similar to the construction of a cement mortar leveling layer, and it can be directly constructed by machinery.

Wall cement plastering machine Parameters

Production capacity3m3/h3-4m3/h
Working pressure3MPa3MPa
Applicable materials ratio (water, ash, sand)0.7—1:1:30.7—1:1:3
Voltage level220V/380V 
Motor power4kw 8HP/12HP diesel engine
Particle size≤4mm≤8mm
Transport distanceHorizontal: 30m
Vertical: 20m
Horizontal: 50m
Vertical: 30m
Hopper volume60L80L
Displacement of air compressor0.3m3/min0.3m3/min
Inner diameter of feeding pipe32mm32mm
Total Weight200kg320kg

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What is a mortar sprayer?

The mortar spray machine is an Indoor and outdoor wall spraying, cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting and waterproof surface spraying, fireproof spraying, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, paint spraying, garden spraying, embossed effect paint spraying, sound-absorbing material spraying, waterproof plugging, waterproof leak repair special equipment.

Features of the cement spraying machine

  1. Adjust the flow rate to get the best spraying effect.
  2. In addition to being able to switch on the electric control box, it is also equipped with a remote control switch for spraying.
  3. The connection between the spray gun and the feeding pipe can be rotated for easy operation.
  4. High construction efficiency and good quality.
  5. Small in size, easy to carry on-site, the cost of accessories is low, and the maintenance is simple.
  6. It is easy to use, fast, saves materials, saves labor, and saves money. One machine is only equipped with three people, 150 square meters per hour (thickness 2cm).
  7. Material ratio (cement) 0.7:3 mortar.

What is the price of a Mortar Spraying Machine?

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