Hydroseeding Machine for sale in Cote d’Ivoire | Hydroseeder for sale

Hydroseeder for sale is a kind of vegetation greening equipment. It has become an effective vegetation establishment method in greening projects such as highway (rail) road slope greening, mine regreening, desert control, river embankment protection, and large-scale green space reconstruction. Click the button below to request a free quote for a hydroseeding machine for sale.

hydroseeder for sale | truck mounted hydro seeder
hydroseeder for sale | truck mounted hydro seeder

Hydroseeder for sale

Generally, the hydroseeding machine is suitable for ecological projects. And the equipment can be used to spray crop seeds, lawns, rice fields, flowers, etc., and can also be used for relevant environmental restoration projects, such as spraying drugs, performing daily maintenance, soil improvement, fertilization, irrigation, etc.

Technical Parameters

Tank Volume2m³4m³6m³8m³
Spraying Area200-500m²500-1500m²700-2000m²1000-2500m²
Spraying DistanceH 20-30mH 20-35mH 20-35mH 24-40m
V 10-20mV 10-25mV 10-25mV 15-30
Pipe HeadH 20-50mH 20-60mH 20-70mH 30-80m
V 20-30mV 30-40mV 30-40mV 30-50m

Structural composition of Hydroseeder for sale

The hydraulic sprayer includes

  1. a start button: used to start the diesel engine;
  2. a horn button;
  3. a throttle handle: used to control the speed of the stirring blade and the distance of the spray head
  4. an ammeter: observe the battery level.
hydroseeding machine


  • The main box is elliptical. Its advantage is that no matter how bad the road surface and environmental conditions are during field construction, it avoids the left and right impact of the memory liquid, and the construction vehicle is stable and safe.
  • The appearance design is reasonable and beautiful.
  • It can be used smoothly for mud materials with poor fluidity, no blockage, no interruption, strong adaptability to materials, and high output pressure.
  • The double stirring form of paddle mechanical stirring and circulating jet stirring is used, which is enough for the mixed liquid to be in a fully suspended and completely uniform state during spraying, and can even mix the mixed raw materials at one time.
  • The power of the equipment is strong, the head is as far as 90m.
  • It is equipped with a variety of spraying nozzles, which can extend the working range of 200-300m.
  • Short-distance spraying can use fan-shaped nozzles, in the form of mist, to meet various spraying needs.
  • The equipment has a wide range of uses, not only for spraying rice fields, lawns, trees and flowers, crop seeds, etc., but also for daily care and soil improvement such as irrigation, fertilization, and spraying.

How to operate and use the hydroseeding machine?

The foot clutch is used in conjunction with the shift lever (mainly to control the forward and reverse rotation of the agitating blade of the tank, stepping on the clutch shift lever is the same as driving a car), and the lift valve is lowered during the stirring and feeding stage to make the material stir more evenly, lift the lift valve to start construction when spraying starts. The universal joint, also known as the universal nozzle, is used to operate the machine when spraying without taking over, and can rotate at 360°C! The universal joint ball valve and the return pipe ball valve are material output switches.

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