Mini Excavator Maintenance Tips

With the characteristics of convenient transportation, small turning radius, and strong operation force, mini excavators have made great contributions to urban construction, gardens, fruit trees, and vegetable greenhouse construction, saving manpower and material resources. As mechanical equipment, it requires certain maintenance. Let me share with you the mini excavator maintenance tips.

7 Useful Mini Excavator Maintenance Tips

1. Check working hour

You should check the working hour meter every day to check whether the time has reached the necessary maintenance time.

2. keep the machine clean

Always keep the machine clean. And it is easy to find out when it breaks down. You should keep the Grease fittings, vents, and oil level indicators clean.

3. Be careful with hot water and hot oil

Immediately after the engine shutdown, it is dangerous to remove the filter element and drain hot oil and coolant. You should wait for the engine to cool. If the oil needs to be drained when the oil temperature is low, the oil should be heated to an appropriate temperature before draining. (20-40°C)

4. Fuel Filter

There is a fuel filter installed on the machine. Do not remove it when refueling.

5. Soldering Precautions

  • Turn off the engine start switch.
  • Do not connect and use a voltage greater than 200V.
  • Connect the ground cable within 1m of the welding point.
  • Avoid sealing or bearings between the welding point and the grounding point.
  • Do not use the pin shaft of the working device or the surrounding area of the hydraulic cylinder as the grounding point.

6. Check the chassis

When working on rocky places, the degree of damage to the chassis should be checked, and the tightness, cracks, wear and breakage of bolts and nuts should be checked. But when working on this ground, the track tensioning device should be slightly loosened.

7. Precautions when washing the car

  • Never spray water directly on the plug and electromechanical components.
  • Do not spill water on the monitor and controller.
  • Do not spray steam or water directly on the radiator or oil cooler.
  • Precautions for dusty workplaces: Check the air filter to see if the filter is clogged. Clean the air filter at shorter intervals than specified.