Fully hydraulic core drill machine for sale in the USA

Graham Miles runs a drilling services company in America. As he has more and more drilling services contracts, he need to buy the new hydraulic core drill equipment.

According to his requirements, we recommended our YG-600 Fully hydraulic core drilling machine. Fore sure, he compared this one with other 6 suppliers from different aspects, for example, parameters, drill bits, drill pipes, export experience, credibility, etc. The client finnally choose to order from YG Machinery.

hydraulic core drill

YG Machinery is a professional and reliable machine manufacturer in China. Our machines have been exported to many countries and regions, such as France, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Senegal, Congo, Ghana, Botswana, Mozambique, Madagascar, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

About YG Machinery

YG-600 Fully Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

Drilling depth200-600-650m
Drilling angle45~90°
Max. Torque1000N.m
Rated power/speed92kW/ 2400r/min
Hydraulic Mud pump flow30-90(L/min)
Hydraulic Mud pump power4-7(MPA)
Walking speed3.5 km/h
Climbing angleMax. 45°
Transport  Dimension4000*2000*1800mm

What can this hydraulic core drill equipment do?

This core drilling machine is mainly suitable for drilling solid mineral deposits. It can also be used for engineering geology, shallow oil, natural gas, groundwater drilling, and engineering drilling such as tunnel ventilation, drainage, and dam grouting.


  • The drilling rig is fully hydraulically driven, and the power head rotation is driven by an axial piston pump and an inclined axis piston motor. It has two mechanical gears and stepless speed regulation, and has an advanced structure.
  • The power head adopts an oil cylinder chain double-speed feeding mechanism, which has smooth and reliable movement. It is equipped with a lateral translation mechanism of the power head. The mast adopts an oil cylinder to rise and fall and can slide as a whole, and can drill holes in the range of 0-90°.
  • The hydraulic system adopts load-sensitive control, with high working efficiency and large torque.
  • The drilling rig has a hydraulic Trojan holder, hydraulic leveling legs, retractable mast and other devices to facilitate rapid positioning of the drilling rig.
  • Equipped with wireless remote control crawlers. It is suitable for a variety of terrains. The equipment can control the crawling of the drilling rig within a safe distance to prevent sudden dangers.

What is core drilling machine price?

Different configurations, different prices. Please leave your requirements and our sales manager will contact you for quote.

Why choose YG Machinery?

We have more than 18 years in the drilling machine manufacturing. Our hot sales machines: XY-3 drill rig, small HDD machine, Rotary drilling rig for pile foundation engineering, DTH drilling machine, etc. We provide on-site installation guidance service. If you have any questions while using the machine, please feel free to contact us. We offer also 7/24 after-sales online services. Just give us a call, our engineers will provide you with the perfect solution.