Hydraulic rock splitter for sale in Portugal

YG Hydraulic Rock Splitter is mostly used in construction, decoration, engineering construction, ore mining operations, secondary disintegration of large ore, and partial and complete demolition of concrete components. What is the hydraulic rock splitter price in Portugal?

Working Case in Portugal

Filipe Freitas from Portugal searched on Google for the hydraulic stone splitter. He found YG Machinery and left his inquiry:

I want to buy a rock splitter. Kindly share a quotation for this machine.

Filipe Freitas

Our sales manager Tiffany contacted Filipe and sent him the detailed quote with machine pictures and videos. Filipe said that the rock splitter looks good. After confirming the delivery time, he decided to order 2 sets with 6 splitting guns.

Are you also looking for a Hydraulic rock splitting equipment with a power pack for natural stone? Leave your messages and our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

Hydraulic Stone Splitter for Sale – Direct Factory Price

Hydraulic rock splitter, Hydraulic Rock and Concrete Splitters, also known as Hydraulic Rock Splitting Equipment, is a machine used to split rocks. It is mostly used in construction, decoration, engineering construction, ore mining operations, secondary disintegration of large ore, and concrete components. Partial and total demolition work.

The hydraulic rock splitter uses hydraulic machinery to quickly expand and split the rock to facilitate the efficient crushing of the stone.


Model YG-250 YG-350 YG-450
Power Diesel Power Pack
Diesel Power Pack Changchai 6hp or 8hp
Hydraulic Power Unit Pressure Adjustable 10-60Mpa
Splitter Length(mm)100011001200
Wedge Length(mm)250350450
Wedge Weight(kg)303643
Piston Stroke(mm)90/220
Drilling Depth(mm)>500>700>900
Drilling Diameter(mm)4250 55
Crack Width(mm)10-20
Splitting Time(s)10-15
Splitting Force(T)8009001000

The minimum diameter of the hydraulic splitting rod is 18 cm and the maximum is more than 25 cm. The drilling distance is 3 to 5 meters in a row, and the depth of the drilling is about 2 meters.

Put 4 to 6 splitting rods in a row each time. Large-scale splitting rods need to be hoisted into the hole by an excavator. The hydraulic power station generates a working pressure of 5,000 to 10,000 tons in one to two minutes and can split about 50 cubic meters of stone at a time.

how to use the portable Hydraulic Rock Splitter
how to use the portable Hydraulic Rock Splitter


  1. Safety and environmental protection: static splitting, no hidden dangers of blasting and rock drilling.
  2. No vibration and no impact: no noise, no dust, and no interference with urban construction and precision equipment.
  3. Flexible construction: small size, lightweight, compact structure, and can be operated indoors, underwater, and in narrow places.
  4. Precise splitting: Precisely determine the splitting direction in advance, and the size of the rock needs to be taken out.
  5. Perfect after-sales: one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, free technical guidance after-sales.

Hydraulic Rock Stone Splitting Machine Price

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